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1674 Massat presidential election

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1674 Massat presidential election
6 Sonnuber 1674 1677 →
Registered 5,115,449
Turnout 91.30%

  AIMV.png L. Thatcher.jpg V. Bullard.jpg
Candidate Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra Luther Thatcher Veronica Bullard
Party Independent UDM N&H
Running mate Aleister Stern John Paul Sohrab Garey
Popular vote 2,731,940 861,441 640,965
Percentage 58.49% 18.44% 13.72%

President before election

Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra


Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra

Presidential elections were held in Massat on 6 Sonnuber 1674. The incumbent, acting president Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra, received 58.49% of the vote, avoiding a second round, and was elected for a de jure term. The presidential term ran from 1 Friedeber 1674 to 24 Sonnuber 1677.


The following candidates successfully registered their nominations before the limit date of 24.IV.1674:

Party Presidential candidate Occupation on Election Day Secretarial candidate Occupation on Election Day
Ind. Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra AIMV.png Acting President of Massat Aleister Stern A. Stern.jpg Riashil city councillor
Nationalist & Humanist Party flag.png Veronica Bullard V. Bullard.jpg TBD Sohrab Garey S. Garey.jpg TBD
TSP Lars Monday L. Monday.jpg Personal injury lawyer and political activist Marie Bailey M. Bailey.jpg Retail district manager
UDM.png Luther Thatcher L. Thatcher.jpg Public librarian John Paul J. Paul.jpg Adjunct psychology professor
WPU Marsden Damien M. Damien.jpg Prefect for the Autonomous University of Massat Knox Clemons K. Clemons.jpg Line cook and e-commerce warehouse attendant


For President For Secretary Party Votes %
Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra Aleister Stern Independent 2,731,940 58.49%
Luther Thatcher John Paul Union Democratic Movement 861,441 18.44%
Veronica Bullard Sohrab Garey Nationalist & Humanist Party 640,965 13.72%
Marsden Damien Knox Clemons Workers' Parties United 261,634 5.60%
Lars Monday Marie Bailey Tapferite Supremacist Party 167,929 3.60%
Invalid/blank votes 6,495 0.14%
Total 4,670,404 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 5,115,449 91.30%