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Entity 4279

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Screen capture of Entity 4279's appearance in subliminal messaging carried on the Shirerithian intranet.

Entity 4279, aka the Obedience Cat. Extradimensional lifeform. First identified and catalogued by Project 1653-005 on 03.X.1655. Recovered to secondary ESB closed facility 14.IV.1657 for study of cellular generation. Attained corporeal form after ingestion of biomass (x1 cat, x1 Jing PoW) 05.I.1658. Attempted breach of containment 07.I.1658. Clear up operation concluded by 15.I.1658. Memetic indoctrination capabilities studied 02.II.1658 – 24.XIV.1659. Test footage incorporated into influence operation supporting corporate partner in 1660 elections. Test results favourable. Study of the entity continued for several more years, interrupted by the Kalirion Fracture and measures by a specialist agency to secure the entity and renew the requisite containment measures.

Held in a Benacian Union Defence Force facility in the Sovereign Confederation, from 1703 AN to 1716 AN, pending its potential sale to Mondo. With the alignment of Mondo to the Raspur Pact, following the signing of the Treaty of Fort Ermingander, the entity was transferred into the custody of Mondo at Fort Erimngander on 23.X.1716 AN.