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The territory known as Kaek is one of two distinct jurisdictions sandwiched between the far southern reaches of Valora and the northern frontier of Akhidia. It is unknown why the province was named this way, but rumor circulates that the Ralgons resident in the area found the name amusing, as did their compatriots on the other side of the territory that was unoccupied between the two. Hardly bothering the change the name, or even the strange spelling of the place, the two sides peacefully divided the area between themselves in the wake of the twin events of the Ralgon War of Succession and the 1706 Akhidian Crisis.

Just as the territory's name is unclear, its jurisdiction is also a puzzle. While the western, Valoran half of Kaek does contain substantial mineral resources, the territory itself remains entirely untouched, and almost unpopulated given problems with undead to the north. The eastern half similarly came only recently under Mondo's protection under the banner of what was left of Akhidia. The western portion of Kaek, known colloquially as "West Kaek" or "Left Kaek," lacks almost any semblance of direct or self government, with its very few inhabitants confined to tiny, fortified settlements run on insular economies. It is not known if "East Kaek" is under similar conditions.

What is notable about the region is that, under the whole of Micras, this seems to be the largest span of territory in which absolutely nothing of note ever happens. The occasional party is had here, and the sparse settlements do occasionally throw small cake-related parties in celebration of their country's peculiar name. However, the harsh problems that plague either side of their respective borders seem, for some inexplicable reason, to simply bounce harmlessly aside, allowing the very few natives there a slice of peace. And cake. Mostly, cake.

Valoran Kaek

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Mondo Kaek

Main article: Blue Kaek
Blue Kaek, from VIII.1707 AN

Blue Kaek (Akhidian: Gökkek; Cibolan Saxon: Blaukaek; Jingdaoese: 青糕 Qinggao), also known as East Kaek or Right Kaek, is the half of the region under Mondoist control. The historic city of Zijincheng, ceded to Mondo in the Treaty of Gaelen's Landing, has been the territory's capital since VIII.1707 AN.