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Flag of Zijincheng
Coat of Arms of Zijincheng
Coat of Arms
Nickname: The Forbidden Purple City
Map: Location of Zijincheng
Abbreviation ZIJC
Province Zijincheng
District Zijincheng
Founded 1592 AN
Demonym Zijinchengese
Mayor Jin Huang
Boroughs Imperial Palace, Forbidden City
Transport hubs Zijincheng Restricted
Populations 10,000

Zijincheng was the ancient Jingdaoese capital from 1592 till 1598 when it was torched down by Sisera, and from 1610 till 1613. When it was not the capital of Jingdao, it was abandoned and not inhabited. The city was re-discovered in XI.1686 and part of the Barbarian Republic from 1686 to 1688 when it was transferred back to the Jingdaoese Empire. Despite the relative short period in which it served as the empire's capital, the city has huge symbolic importance as it is the location were the Erasmii Dynasty of Heavenly Lights cemented their control over the empire during the reign of the Kaiming Emperor. Here they finalised the schism between the Empire of South Batavia and Jingdao, formerly a Grand Duchy, on one hand and the Batavian Kingdom on the other, where the Kaiming Emperor's father, the Mengjiang Emperor had also been king over Batavia.