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Anarion is the current Emperor of the Imperial Federation. Born in 1701 AN as Anarion Masamune Sasuke Benimaru von Adrestia and initially crowned as Prince Masamune IV, he is a direct descendant of Nobunag'an IV of Ralgon via the House of Ral and its cadet branch, the House of Adrestia, founded in 1675 by Prince Masamune I.

Having taken the throne in 1705 AN just before his fourth birthday, his entire reign until his 21st birthday was under the regency of the Hawkins Family, the Dukes of Gondolin, acting on the advice and consent of the Imperial Senate. While the Emperor was able to exercise soft power over time during the Regency due to his status, this has been blunted by his somewhat eccentric personality combined with his minority. In efforts to curb a few of his more unorthodox hobbies, the Imperial Senate in consultation with the Regency Council attempted to find him a suitable bride on time for his 18th birthday, or ideally before he could finish university studies abroad and subsequently take the throne in his own right. As of 1718, those efforts failed, but nonetheless had a delayed success following negotiations with Cakaristan to marry a member of their royal family.

On 12.II.1720, he married Qasima Çakar. As such, he automatically became a Knight of the Holy Lakes. He continued to study abroad until 1726 AN, earning a master's degree in international relations at Metzler University in Shireroth. Shortly upon graduation, he returned home to assume power as the Emperor on the last month of that year, granting the country its first reigning monarch since the death of Shiro I of Ralgon a quarter-century earlier.

As of 1733 AN, he is 32 years old. He has eleven children, all being eligible to contest the throne under Imperial Federation law upon the vacancy of the throne. The eldest is a boy, being a fraternal twin with a sister, born in 1728 AN. A third child, a boy, was born on 1730 AN, and a fourth child, a girl, was born in 1731 AN, followed by another boy at the end of that same year. In 1734 AN, the Emperor and his wife welcomed a rare set of sextuplets into the family. The birth of the eleventh child in any family was a sacred moment to any Ralgonese due to religious principles, and so the occasion was declared a national holiday.


While this is an incomplete list, this is the one official genealogists use in determining rights to succession, specific forms of nobility, and connection to the Imperial Household, both in Adrestia and within the greater empire. Reigning monarchs in bold.

  • Emperor Nobunag'an IV of Ralgon (♂ 1564 AN-; r. 1595 AN-1673 AN) -- married 8 times, had issue with 5. (All spouses died from age and other natural causes, without having divorced).
    Nobunag'an was originally known as Prince Takeshi Ral XV until his coronation in 1595 AN, and as King until his retroactive declaration as Emperor by Shiro I of Ralgon in 1673 AN. He married and took consorts several times due to his extremely long life and high status, the last being Yukino Chuujiwara (1623 AN-1699 AN; m. 1686 AN).
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      • Several descendants of little note.
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      • Draeg'ar Ral XXIV, Crown Prince of Ralgon; Emperor of Valora; (♂ 1634 AN-; r. 1706 AN-1718 AN), m. Kitamura Valorum
        Draeg'ar ultimately lost the Ralgon War of Succession to his rival, the latter now known as Emperor Anarion. He reigned over the rump state of Valora in concert with local rulers, until the country was conquered and partitioned between the Imeperial Federation and the Mondosphere. He spent the rest of his life in obscurity.
        • Draeg'ar XXV, Prince of South Valora (♂ 1710 AN-; r. 1718 AN-)
          Prince Draeg'ar II took the throne from his 84-year-old father as his only son from this marriage late in life to a much younger woman. He is seen as a puppet of Mondo, who rules South Valora following its partition after the Imperial Federation's Conquest of Valora.
    • Benimaru Ral IV, Prince of Ralgon (♂ 1590 AN-1655 AN;
      Benimaru's mother was Princess Rani of Nixtorm (♀ 1562 AN-1649 AN), King Nobunag'an's first wife. Although a successful career soldier, he lived in relative obscurity. He never took the throne, and died of natural causes.)
      • (three other children)
      • Masamune XIV & I, Crown Prince of Ralgon & Royal Prince of Adrestia of (♂ 1624 AN-; r. in Adrestia 1675 AN-1680 AN)
        • Masamune II, Prince of Adrestia (♂ 1664 AN-1705 AN; r. 1680 AN-1705 AN)
          Crowned King in 1680, he oversaw a massive expansion of his realm. Prince Masamune died of complications from wounds following a prior attempt on his life in 1701 by his son Masamune III, outliving Shiro by only a few days.
          • (two other children)
          • Prince Masamune III of Adrestia (♂ 1680 AN-1701 AN)
            Masamune III was executed at the age of 21 for trying to stage a violent coup. His wife was imprisoned for life on Devil's Island as soon as their only son was born.)
            • Emperor Anarion of the Imperial Federation (♂ 1701 AN-; r. 1704 AN-)
              Known initially as Prince Masamune IV of Adrestia, he was later crowned Emperor during the Ralgon War of Succession. Married Qasima Cakar of Cakaristan (♀ 1701 AN - ) in 1720 AN, acquiring knighthood in the Order of the Holy Lakes.
              • Prince Masamune Takeshi Celeborn (♂ 1728 AN -)
                Known officially as Prince Masamune V of Adrestia, he was born minutes before his twin sister, taking his name from diverse cultures in the empire, and after his still-living ancestor, Nobunag'an. To the dismay of the court, he and his twin sister share their father's fondness for oddities, although his interests are more macabre. He's taken to love fire more than the court would otherwise like. Far more than the court would otherwise like.
              • Princess Mariko Luthien (♀ 1728 AN -)
                Born minutes after her twin brother, taking her name from diverse cultures in the empire. To the dismay of the court, both she and her older brother share their father's fondness for oddities. While little else is known, what is clear from insider sources is that she has taken a rather excessive interest in the carnivorous plants.
              • Prince Dalgar'on Hikaru Elent'ar (♂ 1730 AN
                He is one of the few to share a name with past reigning monarchs, yet not be assigned the traditional numeral with his princely name. Has not yet made any public appearance.
              • Princess Lianna Toshiko (♀ 1731 AN - )
                One of the few to ever take a non-Ralgonese name in the Imperial Household.
              • Prince Ieyasu Chidao Turg'on (♂ 1731 AN - )
                Born in Glacier City, named partly after the Chidao Emperor.
              • Princess Takara Yavanna (♀ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets.
              • Princess Mako Nienna (♀ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets.
              • Princess Kaguya Melian (♀ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets.
              • Prince Takaharu Fing'on (♂ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets.
              • Prince Satoshi Ayreon Mand'os --- (♂ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets. One of the few to be given a non-Ralgonese name. Named partly after Kaiser Ayreon IV.
              • Princess Noriko Rani (♀ 1733 AN - )
                One of a set of sextuplets. Was given an older Ralgonese name, after a legendary woman warrior.