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Kaiser of Etzeland

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Kaiser of Etzeland
Seal of Mondo
since 1.VI.1716 AN
Style His Imperial Jolliness
Residence Fort Ermingander, Northbloom
Appointer Succession
Term Lifetime
Inaugural holder Mondo
Formation 1.VI.1716 AN

The Kaiser of Etzeland (Cibolan Saxon: Kaiser zu Etzeland) is the head of state of Etzeland. The current and sole holder of the office is Mondo Etzeterra.

Duke and Grand Duke of Etzeland

Between 21.IX.1702 and 12.XIII.1702 AN, Mondo was styled Duke of Etzeland (Cibolan Saxon: Herzog zu Etzeland), and between 12.XIII.1702 and 1.VI.1716 AN as Grand Duke of Etzeland (Cibolan Saxon: Grossherzog zu Etzeland).