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The WMFA Cup was the secondary continental competition for association football clubs from nations within the WMFA.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2014–15 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 2–1 Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC
2015–16 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 2–0 Craitland Sverige Tiem FC
2016–17 Tellia Les Verts Gaianiano 2–1 Shireroth Syrelwynn Swifts
2017–18 Shireroth Syrelwynn Swifts 1–0 (a.e.t.) Tellia Vecchiacittà Calcio
2018–19 Tellia FC Fiorecittà 1–1 (a.e.t.)
3–2 (pens)
Merenolitovina Maccabiah Klymenburg
2019–20 Tellia Inter Vecchiavo 2–0 Craitland Sverige Tiem FC
2020–21 Sanama FC Tati 3–2 Tellia FC Fiorecittà