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Sverige Tiem FC

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Sverige Tiem
ST badge.png
Full name Sverige Tiem Futból Clób
Nickname(s) Sverige
Founded 2002
Ground Jämtfall Stadión
(capacity: 38,000)
Manager Craitland Freddie Pellegrino
League CrFA League 1
Website Club home page
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Sverige Tiem FC is a Craitish football club based in the town of Tiem, which competes in CrFA League 1. The manager is Freddie Pellegrino and the club's stadium is the Jämtfall Stadión.


Sverige Tiem were created in 2002 and became a founder member of CrFA League 1 for its first season. The club has traditionally been underachievers, although winning the league has seen the team's fortunes improve greatly.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Craitland GK Ĵäro Yhrenhjólt-Svensen 25
2 Craitland DF Daniel Hjansen (c) 32
3 Vegno DF Christopher Caravita 29
4 Craitland DF Kraig Jonsen-Tórsen 27
5 Craitland DF Ross Zen 33
6 Craitland DF Läns Däl 28
7 Senya MF Ƨinkœ Zvet 31
8 Passas MF Danijel Đorđević 30
9 Floria FW Cristiano Ramirez 25
10 Sanama FW Mariolino Sonetti 29
11 Craitland MF Jamie Mälent 23
12 Craitland GK James Päde 21
13 Craitland FW Jakob K'óldeĵ 17
No. Position Player Age
14 Craitland MF Brian Ählmen 20
15 Craitland DF Mads Benk 19
18 Craitland FW Iņvaär Petersen 24
19 Victoria DF Kristopher Macbaird 24
20 Craitland GK Jesse Lydveldt 36
21 Shireroth MF Ichigo Trask 37
22 Victoria MF Derren Spearing 19
23 Craitland MF Cräiĵaär Hjester 23
24 Craitland FW Lucäs Georgesen 28
25 Castilona MF Jonathan Orozco 27
Craitland FW Helge Bruņ (on loan to Daau United) 20

Notable former players