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Provincial Championships

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The Provincial Championships are the highest levels of amateur football in Craitland, and consist of six separate tournaments; one for each of the Craitish provinces. They were founded in 2016 following a restructuring of the Cities' Cup to allow for the entry of six amateur teams.


Year Cherry Trees Jedu Klevets-ó-Sdaa Metzreäiĵer Obsĵaiduņ Unstjeiädón
2016 Nórd CT Colts Carä Town Biulya University Xäiville Athletic Foróp FC Ämo United
2017 Nórd CT Colts Kuiĵ Marine Róndsdaa Rangers Xäiville Athletic Team FLK Western Osĵätoņ Bay
2018 AFC Whiteside Carä Town Mainlae Falcons Xäiville Athletic Old Tiemians Ämo United
2019 AFC Whiteside Carä Town Róndsdaa Rangers Xäiville Athletic Foróp FC Western Osĵätoņ Bay
2020 Kahthajtensen County Carä Town FC Biulya Hänävissen Harriers Team FLK Eĵars FC
2021 Ósterbórg Orient Kuiĵ Spurs FC Biulya Xäiville Athletic Foróp FC Hjarland County
2022 AFC Whiteside Kuiĵ Marine FC Biulya Hänävissen Harriers Foróp FC Western Osĵätoņ Bay
2023 Ósterbórg Orient Kuiĵ Marine Róndsdaa Rangers Hänävissen Harriers Old Tiemians Ämo United