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List of Kealb FC players

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This is a list of all senior players who have been contracted to the Craitish football club Kealb FC throughout its history.

List of players

  • By default, players are listed chronologically by their first season with the club, then alphabetically by most commonly used shirt name.
  • Nationality refers to the FMF member nation which the player was first eligible to represent while at the club, irrespective of international call-ups or prior eligibility.
    • Any subsequent nationality changes are documented in the footnotes.
  • Position covers the general tactical areas in which the player was utilised:
    • GK is a goalkeeper; DF is a defender; MF is a midfielder; FW is a forward; U is a utility player (one considered to play in multiple positions).
  • Club career lists the seasons in which the player was a part of the club's senior squad. As per CrFA rules, teams must have a full squad of 25 registered players per season (previous squad limits were lower). Players who are loaned out often fall outside of this limit.
    • Noncontinuous spells with the club are entered on separate lines. Years split by a dash indicate that the player was a squad member for both seasons and all seasons inclusive. A dash with no number following it shows that the player is still registered with the club as of the 2022 season.
    • As per CrFA rules, seasons are dated by the calendar year in which they are completed. As a result, players may have officially joined the club in the previous calendar year to that which is listed first.
  • Squad numbers are the numbers which the player wore on their kit. As per CrFA rules, these are permitted to change between seasons, leading to multiple numbers for some players.
Name Nat. Pos. Club career №s
Bierrelas TTimo Bierrelaš Reindeer Herders REI[A] GK 2004–2015 13
Chentzansio CChris Chentzansio Craitland CRA MF 2004–2008 14
Chentzansio JJohaņ Chentzansio Craitland CRA GK 2004–2016 1
Demb HHjaņ Demb Craitland CRA MF 2004–2017 11
Fajzmek MMorgaņ F'aĵmek Craitland CRA MF 2004–2005 15
Fermo LLydveldt F'ermo Craitland CRA DF 2004–2014 6
Fredriksen ZZyxveldt Fredriksen Craitland CRA DF 2004–2016 3
Heraz MMikel Herä Craitland CRA DF 2004–2012 12
Hjansen RRasólio Hjansen Craitland CRA MF 2004–2017 7, 14
Jacksen AzÄlekä Jacksen Craitland CRA FW 2004–2019 16
Jonsen JJuliaĵ Jonsen Craitland CRA DF 2004–2018 2
Kasan CChris K'asan Craitland CRA MF 2004–2008 8
Lydveldtsen MMorteņ Lydveldtsen Craitland CRA MF 2004–2013 4
Mortensen MMarc Mortensen Craitland CRA FW 2004–2017 10
Paulsen HHänä Paulsen Craitland CRA DF 2004–2016 5
Ula LLydveldt Ula Craitland CRA FW 2004–2019 9
Demo GGheorghe Demo Craitland CRA DF 2006–2023 20, 21, 3
Gaazr JJorgeņ Gaär Craitland CRA FW 2006–2022 15
Isrdlvarien TTim Isrdlvarien Craitland CRA FW 2006–2008 19
Lydveldtsen JJón Lydveldtsen Craitland CRA MF 2006–2010 17
Zozma VVorgeņ Zóma Craitland CRA GK 2006–2022 18, 1
Chentzansio RRóbert Chentzansio Craitland CRA FW 2009–2011
24, 14
Joors GGabriël Joors Zandarijn ZND MF 2009–2017 7
Lichsteiner NNils Lichsteiner New Vaduz NVD MF 2009–2020 22
Loresen LLydveldt Loresen Craitland CRA MF 2009–2016
Mathen HHenning Mathen Stormark STO MF 2009–2017 8
Oesstsdaa VVincent Oesst-Sdaa Craitland CRA DF 2009–2011
Ragnus MMatthew Ragnus Nova England NEN DF 2009–2019 23
Seol TSeol Tae-Ki Nova English Korea NEK FW 2009–2019 20
Southgate IIan Southgate Hamland HAM[B] MF 2011– 17, 4
Saunier FFrank Saunier Hamland HAM DF 2012 24
Velazco GGael Velazco Taeland TAL FW 2012 25
Kong KKong Kea Sakngea Mailong MDG[C] DF 2013–2018 12
Valmer IIlt Valmer Craitland CRA MF 2014– 17, 5
Leijonid AAslan Leijonið Shireroth IRS DF 2015– 6
Darzi ZZakr Darzi North Antarctic Domain NAD GK 2016–2022 13
Egermarc HHarë Ëgermarč Senya DES DF 2017 18
Juan PJuan Pellegrino Craitland CRA MF 2017– 19, 11
Kelt JJulia K'elt Craitland CRA GK 2017– 17
Nova TTom Nova Passas PAS DF 2017–2021 21
Alexis PAlexis Pellegrino Craitland CRA MF 2018– 7
Giton YYoann Giton Caputia CAP[D] MF 2018– 8
Jolliffe MMichael Jolliffe Mercury MER FW 2018– 14, 9
Stoner MMaxwell Stoner Athlon ATH MF 2018– 18
Vorgensen DDamien Vorgensen Craitland CRA DF 2018–2021 10
Dawson CCaspar Dawson Victoria VIC[E] DF 2019– 12
Karganov AAsil Karganov Craitland CRA DF 2019– 2
Altoventi MMassimiliano Altoventi Tellia TEL FW 2020– 20
Danazzo IDanäzo Isrdlvarien Craitland CRA DF 2020– 24
Fozs JJames F'ós Craitland CRA FW 2020– 23
Vidarsson KKristján Viðarsson Lakkvia LKV[F] FW 2020–2022 16
Sendozr JJonny Sendór Craitland CRA MF 2021– 22
Christiansen MMarkko Christiansen Craitland CRA MF 2022– 10
Fazris CCam Färis Craitland CRA DF 2022– 21
Paulsen JJan Paulsen Craitland CRA DF 2022– 19
Morrish CColton Morrish Victoria VIC FW 2023– 15
Najar SSaad Najar North Antarctic Domain NAD GK 2023 13
Sinvald CCharlie Sinvald Craitland CRA FW 2023– 16
Vallensen JJamie Vallensen Craitland CRA GK 2023– 1
Coscelli IIuri Coscelli Vegno VEG DF 2024– 3
Pellegrino AAsh Pellegrino Craitland CRA FW 2024– 14
Swazkilatz HHitchel Swazkilatz Krasnovlac KSN GK 2024– 13

  1. ^ A Reindeer Herders REI until 2009, Livlandia LIV between 2009 and 2010, Normark NOR between 2010 and 2012, Nordic Union NOR in 2012, Normark NOR between 2012 and 2013, Høgmårk PHM between 2013 and 2014, Reindeer Herders REI from 2014.
  2. ^ B Hamland HAM until 2017, Caputia CAP between 2017 and 2019, Alduria ALD between 2019 and 2021, Nouvelle Alexandrie NAX from 2021.
  3. ^ C Mailong MDG until 2013, Incontinentia ICT between 2013 and 2016, Xang Muang XNG from 2016.
  4. ^ D Caputia CAP until 2019, Alduria ALD between 2019 and 2021, Nouvelle Alexandrie NAX from 2021.
  5. ^ E Victoria VIC until 2020, Nova England NEN between 2020 and 2021, Victoria VIC from 2021.
  6. ^ F Lakkvia LKV until 2020, Hurmu HUR from 2020.