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Eĵars Town FC

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Eĵars Town
ET badge.png
Full name Eĵars Town Futból Clób
Nickname(s) The Pointers
Founded 2003
Ground Marstadt
(capacity: 21,000)
Manager Craitland Hjaņ Lydveldtsen
League CrFA League 1
Website Club home page
ET kit.png

Eĵars Town FC is a Craitish football club based in the town of Eĵars, which competes in CrFA League 1. The manager is Hjaņ Lydveldtsen and the club's stadium is Marstadt.


Eĵars Town were created in 2003 and became a founder member of CrFA League 2 for its first season. After nine successful seasons in CrFA League 2, the club was promoted to CrFA League 1 in 2013.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Craitland GK Freddie Pellegrino 26
2 Craitland DF Freddie Huläj 29
3 Nouvelle Alexandrie DF Christophe Odemwingie 30
4 Nouvelle Alexandrie MF Eddie Fleyd 29
5 Talenore DF Jakop Hamar 26
6 Senya DF Jær Van Kotrisbond 33
7 New Sussex MF Theo Sinclair 32
8 Nouvelle Alexandrie MF Tamer Modrem 31
9 Craitland FW Will Zóma 32
10 Passas FW Łukasz Dąbrowski 32
11 Floria MF Ryan Clark 24
12 Craitland DF Tim Shäjnór 19
13 Mataba GK Zack Ortega 37
No. Position Player Age
14 Senya FW Jack Smith 26
15 Craitland GK Moses Órvähl 19
16 Craitland MF Vorgeņ Ula 29
17 Craitland MF Adám Perryman (c) 32
18 Craitland FW Erlaņ Darcq 26
19 Craitland MF Sam Leverhjen 23
20 Victoria FW Brannon Sweet 20
21 Victoria MF Shane Balfour 21
22 Craitland DF Joel-Morteņ Isrdlvarien 25
23 Craitland DF Francis Dearn 19
24 Craitland DF Asmund Cónlachh 17
25 Craitland MF Hóldarman Kahthajtensen 22

Notable former players