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CrFA League 1

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CrFA League 1
Countries Craitland Craitland
Confederation WMFA
Founded 2002
First season 2003
Number of teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to CrFA League 2
Domestic cup(s) King's Cup
League cup(s) Cities' Cup
Current champions Eĵars Town FC
Most championships Cherry Trees FC (10)
Website CrFA League 1
2023 CrFA League 1

The CrFA League 1, commonly known just as League 1, is the top-tier football league in Craitland, run by the CrFA. The league involves ten teams, each playing thirty-six games, totalling 180 games, a season. The season begins in September and ends in May, with most games being played on Saturdays.


CrFA League 1 was founded in late December 2002, although the exact date is unknown, and the first season kicked-off in January 2003 with six teams.

Six seasons were contested with the league having six teams until a CrFA initiative expanded the league to contain eight clubs in 2009.

The number of fixtures each team plays per season was doubled for the 2011 season onwards.

The league was once again expanded, from eight to ten teams, from 2013 and has maintained this format ever since.

Previous season results

  10-match season
  14-match season
  28-match season
  36-match season
Year Champions
(number of titles)
Pts. Runners-up Pts. Third Place Pts. Top scorer Goals
2003 Cherry Trees FC (1) 28 Osĵätoņ Feyenoord FC 23 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 15 Craitland Zyx Lydveldtsen
Craitland Alexis Tereminus
2004 Cherry Trees FC (2) 27 Osĵätoņ Feyenoord FC 27 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 14 Craitland Alexis Tereminus 7
2005 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC (1) 30 Cherry Trees FC 22 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 14 Craitland Alexis Tereminus 7
2006 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC (2) 25 Cherry Trees FC 23 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 18 Craitland Alexis Tereminus 9
2007 Cherry Trees FC (3) 23 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 22 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 15 Craitland Hanast Pellegrino 9
2008 Cherry Trees FC (4) 21 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 16 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 15 Craitland Freddie Gaärsen 11
2009 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC (3) 31 Cherry Trees FC 28 Biulya äqi Jedu FC 24 Craitland Freddie Gaärsen 12
2010 Sverige Tiem FC (1) 26 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 25 Biulya äqi Jedu FC 20 Tellia Piero Donetti 12
2011 Cherry Trees FC (5) 50 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 45 Sverige Tiem FC 40 Craitland Freddie Gaärsen 18
2012 Sverige Tiem FC (2) 49 Kealb FC 43 Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland FC 42 Craitland Marc Mortensen 17
2013 Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC (4) 64 Cherry Trees FC 63 Sverige Tiem FC 61 Alexandria Florent Lassana-Traoré 24
2014 Cherry Trees FC (6) 75 Biulya äqi Jedu FC 63 Xäiville Teflons FC 62 Hamland Andrew Miller 25
2015 Biulya äqi Jedu FC (1) 72 Xäiville Teflons FC 66 Eĵars Town FC 65 Passas Łukasz Dąbrowski 29
2016 Xäiville Teflons FC (1) 69 Cherry Trees FC 68 Biulya äqi Jedu FC 63 Hamland Andrew Miller 24
2017 Cherry Trees FC (7) 71 Eĵars Town FC 61 Sverige Tiem FC 58 Craitland Will Zóma 24
2018 Sverige Tiem FC (3) 75 Cherry Trees FC 70 Kealb FC 58 Craitland Will Zóma 21
2019 Eĵars Town FC (1) 81 Cherry Trees FC 76 Sverige Tiem FC 63 Craitland Lydveldt Jonmikeltsen 26
2020 Cherry Trees FC (8) 79 Eĵars Town FC 70 Kealb FC 61 Mercury Joe Foxon 28
2021 Cherry Trees FC (9) 80 Eĵars Town FC 79 Sverige Tiem FC 67 Craitland Lydveldt Jonmikeltsen 17
2022 Cherry Trees FC (10) 87 Eĵars Town FC 79 Kealb FC 71 Mercury Joe Foxon 22
2023 Eĵars Town FC (2) 80 Kealb FC 75 Róndlinga Diamonds FC 62 Craitland Jan Tórsen 27



A total of six clubs have won CrFA League 1 at least once, with four having lifted the title on multiple occasions. Two clubs have successfully retained a title in the league's history, with one—Cherry Trees FC—having won back-to-back championships on three occasions and also winning three consecutive titles once. Five of the clubs to win the league have spent the entirety of their history in the top flight, with Eĵars Town FC the only winning club to have previously played in a lower division. No title-winning clubs are yet to have been relegated from the division.

Club Wins Winning years
Cherry Trees FC 10 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020, 2021, 2022
Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC 4 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013
Sverige Tiem FC 3 2010, 2012, 2018
Eĵars Town FC 2 2019, 2023
Biulya äqi Jedu FC 1 2015
Xäiville Teflons FC 1 2016
Locations of the ten current League 1 clubs.

Current teams


The league's clubs are required to register a 25-player squad for each season, which must include exactly three specialist goalkeepers. Over the years, during which the league has expanded both its number of competing teams and fixture schedule multiple times, this squad limit has also increased from an initial 16 for the 2003 season, through to 20 for 2006, 23 for 2008, and finally to the current 25 for 2009 onward. The deadline for the submission of these squads coincides with the end of the summer transfer window, allowing for players to be bought and sold for the first few weeks of the season before being finalised. These final 25 are subsequently the only players eligible for any medals awarded by the CrFA to clubs for their performances in its affiliated competitions; the league, King's Cup and Cities' Cup. Players who may play in any affiliated matches prior to departing the club in September are not eligible for any honours won later in the season; this includes players who depart on loan unless they are specifically registered in the 25.

While there is no rule preventing the registration of female players to the league, squads are almost exclusively male in composition and only one female player has ever been contracted to a League 1 club in the league's history. Additionally, CrFA rules on squad registration are known to have a number of unique restrictions specific to the association. Most notably, these include a specification that the numbers 1 to 25 are the only ones permissible to be worn on players' jerseys, and requiring that all 25 registered players must make a minimum of one league appearance throughout the season.


The CrFA permits League 1 clubs one transfer window per year, aligning completely with the FMF's annual summer window between 1 June and 30 September, in which they may amend their 25-person playing squad. Neither incoming nor outgoing transfers of any kind are allowed during the FMF's winter window throughout the mid-season month of January. The CrFA's administration of the league extends to setting its clubs' base budgets for transfers, which is an equal amount for each team per year, with any money made by player sales that window able to be added to this budget. The CrFA's annual transfer budget allowance typically ranges between Cr 20 million and Cr 35 million, with factors including the number of retiring players in the league, the previous season's continental performances and general transfer market trends attributing to the fluctuation of this amount.

Record transfers

Player From To Fee
(M Cr)
Mercury Joe Foxon Mercury Tow Law FC Craitland Cherry Trees FC Cr 64 2018
Alexandria Tamer Modrem Tellia FC Fiorecittà Craitland Eĵars Town FC Cr 42 2016
Passas Łukasz Dąbrowski Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC Craitland Eĵars Town FC Cr 33.4 2018
Gaia Pasquale di Montezemolo Gaia FC Fiorecittà Craitland Cherry Trees FC Cr 32 2007
Floria Cristiano Ramirez Floria Northcliff United Craitland Sverige Tiem FC Cr 30 2021
Player From To Fee
(M Cr)
Passas Łukasz Dąbrowski Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC Craitland Eĵars Town FC Cr 33.4 2018
Caputia Jean-Pierre d'Oliviera Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC Senya Urzi Magalatska FK Cr 27.5 2017
Craitland Dräsen Isrdlvarien Craitland Sverige Tiem FC Floria Northcliff City Cr 26 2020
Floria Cristiano Ramirez Craitland Sverige Tiem FC Floria Barkham FC Cr 25 2023
Craitland Jan-Morteņ Juliaĵsen Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC Mercury Mercury City Cr 24 2018