Vecchiacittà Calcio

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Vecchiacittà Calcio
DaeZoom Arena
Luigi Matri
Serie A

Vecchiacittà Calcio, commonly referred to as I Bianconeri, I Martiri or simply as Vecchiacittà is a Tellian-Ashkenatzi football club based in the coastal town of Vecchiacittà, which competes in the Tellian league system in the Tellian Serie A. Based at the home stadium, DaeZoom Arena, the team was initially founded in the Gaian city of the same name, before moving to its current home when Tellia became the successor state to Gaia. The team have won one title to date, winning the Tellian Serie A in 2010. Since that year, the club have also been in majority owned by Incontinentian car manufacturer DaeZoom.


Previous Managers

Name Nat. Duration
Antonio Palladino Tellia 2006-2012
Luigi Matri Tellia 2012-present

Previous Sponsorships

Season Title Sponsor Kit Design
2006-2010 No Sponsor Nike
2010-2011 DaeZoom Nike
2012 DaeZoom Puma
2013-present J. V. Hjansen Puma


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Tellia DF Valérien Hertz
3 Tellia DF Niccolò Pedrazzini
5 Nouvelle Alexandrie DF Cyril Kopaczewski (captain)
7 Craitland MF Kazim Mustafa Sánchez
8 Nouvelle Alexandrie MF Edward James Motley
10 Shireroth MF Talsin Llwrran
11 Lamantia FW Kristian Jentzsch
13 Shireroth DF Gustav Jónsson
14 Tellia GK Sergio Caravaggio
17 Tellia MF Mauro Domenichelli
No. Position Player
18 Tellia DF René Sgarbini
19 Tellia DF Carlo Boccioni
20 Merenolitovina FW Marcin Orwolski
22 Tellia GK Antonio Vittorio
23 Tellia DF Giacomo Jones
24 Tellia MF Pasquale Abdon
26 Hurmu DF Harald Björk
27 Merenolitovina FW Ben Neumann
30 Tellia GK Thibault Guillermety

Notable former players