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AEFA Cup logo.png
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2013
Disbanded 2021
Last champions Senya Park Prinsipa FK
Most titles Eight teams (1)

The AEFA Cup was the secondary continental competition for association football clubs from nations within the AEFA.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2013–14 Safiria Iyva AFC 1–1 (a.e.t.)
4–2 (pens)
Gotzborg Lonenberg FC
2014–15 Novatainia Ridgedon Rams 5–0 Flanders FC Bruswerpen
2015–16 Gerenia KPSK Isherwood 4–2 Fort Kolgrad King's Lynn Town FC
2016–17 Lakkvia Huyenkula 07 Sport 3–0 Gerenia KA Bazree Mäeklenes
2017–18 Senya Kateki Blavisen FK 3–1 Gerenia KZ Santamarina
2018–19 Victoria Victoria FC 1–1 (a.e.t.)
3–1 (pens)
Senya Svorgas Scitenhima FK
2019–20 Kingdom of Coria FK Glasbridž Junajted 3–2 Florian Republic Dragonmoor FC
2020–21 Senya Park Prinsipa FK 2–1 (a.e.t.) Floria Dragonmoor FC