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2024 Copa Apollonia squads

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The 2024 Copa Apollonia will be the eighth Copa Apollonia, and will be held in Vegno between 7 and 28 July 2022. The competing national teams were required to name a squad of twenty players for the tournament, numbered 1 to 20, with exactly two named goalkeepers.

Group A


No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Gunther Golspie 28 Arboria Tirlar FC
2 3DF Jack Bovine 20 Senya Sanyanska Përœteknika FK
3 3DF Lachlan Lachtay 26 Arboria Tirlar FC
4 3DF Jeremy Jollity 25 Arboria Meiridosa United
5 3DF Kenny Cochrane 29 Arboria Tirlar FC
6 5MF Tyler Tenbury 21 Senya Northwards Victory FC
7 5MF Carlos da Silva 23 Natopia Oakham Oakers
8 5MF James Mallett 25 Arboria Tirlar FC
9 7FW Corey Tyler 24 Arboria Tirlar FC
10 7FW Merlin De Sousa 27 Senya FK Zvarëen
11 5MF Randy Hinson 27 Arboria Duline Doras FC
12 1GK Peter Picketthorpe 25 Arboria Meiridosa United
13 3DF Alvin Alderbury 22 Arboria Meiridosa United
14 3DF Desmond Donaldson 19 Natopia Cape Newport Cows
15 3DF Reece Sespeaces 24 Arboria Relgannon Raiders
16 5MF Casey Chaser 20 Arboria Tirlar FC
17 5MF Joey Jordans 24 Arboria Meiridosa United
18 5MF Kenny Kitson 20 Arboria Tirlar FC
19 7FW Mikey Thompson 23 Arboria Meiridosa United
20 7FW Craig James 22 Arboria Relgannon Raiders





Group B