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FC Atletico Mhazar
Atletico Mhazar.png
Full name Football Club Atletico Mhazar
Nickname(s) "I Cormorani" (The Cormorants)
Founded 2022 (1705 AN)
Ground Mhacompare Arena
(capacity: 33,000)
Owner Vegno Papu J. Papasso
Manager Vegno Marko Gravilovic
League Lega A Vegnese
Atletico Mhazar kit.png

The Football Club Atletico Mhazar, better known as "Atletico Mhazar" is a Vegnese football team based in the city of Mhazar (Vegno) and competes in the Campionato Vegnese di Calcio.

Its logo and corporate colors are inspired by those of the Vegnese flag: white, orange and blue. And The symbol of the team is obviously the cormorant, logo of the republic of Vegno and from this derives the nickname of the team: The Cormorants.


One of the richest citizens of the city of Mhazar, Papu J. Papasso, decided in 1705 to create his own football team, which could immediately represent his city and compete in the newly born Campionato Vegnese di Calcio.

The new president immediately declared his international philosophy, starting a research for the best players in the country and abroad,supported by a very large economic availability.

In late February 2022 the President Papasso has signed a 2-year contract with Arnaldo Scivaldi, CEO of the famous Vegnese Sportswear Alberobianco, for the supply of Atletico Mhazar match-kit. The main sponsor of the team, as the stadium, will be, for at least the first year, the Mhacompare Company, with his "Mhacompare Fan Token".

In Late February 2022, the President has announced the new manager of the team, Mario Gravilovic, who has an important experience in football as an ex-professional player.


The "Mhacompare Arena" (33.000 seats), football Stadium in the city of Mhazar, Vegno

The Atletico Mhazar in the 2022 season will use the structure of the Municipal Stadium of Mhazar, rebranded with the name of "Mhacompare Arena" for reasons of sponsorship from the Mhacompare company.

For the 2022 season the stadium will have an announced capacity of 33,000 seats, which will already be increased from the 2022-2023 season, as announced by the president Papu J. himself, in the club's founding statement.

First Team Squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Vegno GK Matteo Di Gregorio (on loan from Internazionale Raganello) 21
3 Floria DF Morgan Fraser 23
4 Calbion DF Andy Carter 27
5 Vegno MF Salvatore Cantore 17
6 Vegno DF Leonardo Barbiero 19
7 Craitland FW Will Zóma 33
8 Craitland MF Tór-Lydveldt Larsen 22
9 Tiana FW Marco Tardelli 32
10 Vegno FW Rosario Bonotto (c) 26
12 Raspur MF Klevis Halili 31
13 Vegno FW Luigi Berselli 19
14 Nouvelle Alexandrie FW Luis Rodriguez 25
No. Position Player Age
17 Vegno MF Daniele Cortesi 24
19 Vegno DF Orlando Petrone 22
20 Vegno MF Giacomo Tiozzo Zucca Caenazzo 30
21 Vegno FW Vincenzo Rosetti 19
22 Vegno DF Corrado Martinetto 25
25 Vegno GK Nunzio Ferrari 25
26 Tellia DF Michele Di Tommaso 29
31 Vegno MF Daniel Veneziano 27
33 Vegno DF Agnolo Satriani 24
37 Oportia MF Fariborz Zareii 21
68 Vegno MF Antonio Cerino 25
- Vegno MF Riccardo Cappiello 31

Kit suppliers and shirt sponsors

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor (chest)
2022- Vegno Alberobianco Vegno Acqua Munnissima