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Romero Sport
Stadio di Romero
Enzo Pellegrino
Serie A

Unione Romero Sportiva, commonly referred to as Romero Sport or Romero Sport '06 is a Tellian-Ashkenatzi football club based in the city of Romersk, which competes in the Tellian league system in the Tellian Serie A. Based at the home stadium, Stadio di Romero (formerly the Romero Community Stadium), Romero are often noted for being the only Tellian club to have won the Serie A championship in its first season after promotion from the Serie B. They are also known as I Rossi, due to their home colours being predominantly red.


Romero Sport, founded as Unione Romero Sportiva was initially created outside the FGGC, and instead of being admitted into the first ever season of the Gaian Serie A, the team had to eventually settle for a place in the Serie B. The following of the club has been generally increasing, starting off with local fans before winning the hearts of many Gaians/Tellians as their success began.

Admitted to the Serie B alongside Inter Vecchiavo, AS Rex Leonia, Ocula ASC, SolRagid Calcio and Savona Sport, Romero's approach to the club management under Carlo Szumilo exceeded the professionalism of their league rivals. Quickly establishing the San Pietro Academy, young players across Romero were given the chance to train and progress in a similar way to FioreAcademica was used in FC Fiorecittà. With the system and players like Fabio Concerto and Marco Schiavvi, Romero went on to win the Tellian Serie B and gained promotion to the Tellian Serie A for the 2007 season.

Despite being newcomers with the league, Romero excelled under the spotlight of top-tier football. Whilst fellow promoted team Inter Vecchiavo struggled, Romero managed to succeed with good performances, beating 2006 champions FC Bayern Klemmen and runners-up FC Fiorecittà in the process. Ending the season with only 2 defeats, Romero won the 2007 Serie A after only just getting promoted in 2006. Although 2008 started off strongly, their title defence was unsuccessful as a revitalised FC Fiorecittà managed to peg back and claim their first title. Despite the successive league titles and a runner-up spot in 2008, Szumilo handed in a resignation which led to his retirement from the game. In his place was Angelo Perrotta, then a coach who just guided Savona Sport to promotion from the Serie B.

During the start of Perrotta's reign, many players from both the first team and the San Pietro academy were sold on, leading to difficulty on cementing a regular first team. However good performances and solidity in the defence steered I Rossi to a 3rd place finish. With a board takeover during the season, new owners ACC reassured the club's ambitions and the security of Perrotta's job.

2010 did not get to the brightest start under the new ownership. A team struggling with form and injuries meant that by half way through the season, Romero were at the bottom of the Tellian Serie A with a threat of being relegated. However with a change of direction from Perrota, who was given a vote of confidence by the board of directors allowed Romero to rescue its own season. By promoting San Pietro academy players and giving other young players a chance, Romero managed to finish the season unbeaten, albeit ending just outside the relegation zone. This gave the opportunity for the likes of Giacomo Tedeschi, Aleksandr Terzić, Sezer Özker and Massimo Santoni to shine.

At the end of 2010, Perrotta left his post to takeover the Tellian national team. In his replacement was Craitish manager Hjaņ Lydveldtsen. With the departure of Giacomo Tedeschi and Yakov Cohen, Lydveldtsen managed to secure signings from his homeland Craitland, signing Hjaņ K'eĵer from Xäiville and three other players from his former club Eĵars Town FC, most notably Craitish League 2 prolific striker Tim Isrdlvarien. These signings were to join the signings of Antonio Jamba and Marko Zajc, as the squad looked set to be rebuilt again.

A good start to the season with a 3-1 victory away against Klemmen, Romero could not manage to compete against the likes of FC Fiorecittà and Vecchiacittà, and despite all the positive change and the constant attacking threat, Romero could only settle for 3rd place, 7 points adrift from eventual champions FC Fiorecittà and 4 points from Vecchiacittà. With another trophyless season and failure to automatically qualify for the WMFA Champions League, Lydveldtsen left the club by mutual consent.

On 27th June, the club appointed former Craitish and CTFC national hero Alexis Tereminus as manager. It also saw the landing of a new contract from Lamifo Corporation, with the Stadio di Romero also being renamed Stadio Lamifo di Romero.

Romero and Extremism

Since the Ashkenatzi annexation of Tellia, Romero has been noted as one of the few areas which is susceptible to extremists, in particular the APTA (Autorità provvisoria di un Tellia Autonoma) - an organisation seeking for autonomy in the Tellian region of Ashkenatza. Despite APTA colours being green, the same colour as I Historia rivals FC Fiorecittà, Romero is seen as the most prominent city for extremists to show their views, particularly due to the rise in Ashkenatzis the former Tellian capital, with the Ashkenatzi Jews now outnumbering ethnic Tellians.

The extremism and racial discrimination from ethnic Tellians extended to the football club, with Romero directors having a "Non Gaianiano, Non Calcio" (Old Gaian: No Gaian (not of Gaian heritage), No football) policy, only allowing ethnic Tellians to join the team, despite already having foreign players already in the squad. In contrast to the actual transliteration of the phrase, the reality was that players of Ashkenatzi descent were denied from entry into the squad as well as other nations not deemed similar to Tellian culture being denied.

However as the Ashkenatzi became the majority in the city, Romero lifted the policy, allowing Ashkenatzi players into the squad. A key example was Yakov Cohen, who later went on to represent Tellia at intermicronational and World Cup level. Despite the introduction of Ashkenatzi and foreign players, extremism and racism is still a part of Romero's fanbase and although the situation is being dampened, it is still clearly visible and co-existent in Tellian football overall.

Previous Managers

Name Nat. Duration
Carlo Szumilo Tellia 2006-08
Angelo Perrotta Tellia 2008-10
Hjaņ Lydveldtsen Craitland 2010-2011
Alexis Tereminus Craitland 2011-2013
Enzo Pellegrino Craitland 2013-present

Previous Sponsorships

Season Title Sponsor Kit Design
2006 ZBG Reebok
2007 ZBG Reebok
2008 ZBG Adidas
2009 N/A Adidas
2010 ACC Adidas
2011 ACC Adidas
2012 Lamifo Adidas
2013-present XaGuerre Nike


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Shireroth GK Alejian du Nigrad
2 Tellia DF Haskel Bernstein
4 Nouvelle Alexandrie DF Jonathan O'Hara
5 Mishalacia DF Sveto Brečko
6 Hurmu DF Gustav Ingvarsson
7 Tellia MF Pietro Marini
9 Merenolitovina FW Gavrel Levandovskiy
10 Nova English Korea FW Ahn Tai-Lo
12 Elwynn GK Dario Arbabzadeh
13 Nouvelle Alexandrie MF Sylvain Laxalt
14 Kalgachia DF Kirk Harmett
15 Merenolitovina DF Itzic Baruch
16 Tellia DF Franco Giuli
17 Tellia DF Ciro Abbracciavento
No. Position Player
18 Tellia FW Gilles Cotà
19 Tellia MF Daniele Moizini
20 Batavia MF Rik Van Vore
21 Merenolitovina GK Feiwel Zussman
22 Tellia MF Mirko Giordano (captain)
24 Tellia DF Paolo Monterubbianesi
25 Merenolitovina MF Iser Aptowicz
26 Tellia DF Gianluigi Vincenzo
28 Tellia DF Gennaro Pe
29 Hurmu DF Magnus Hannesson
39 Tellia FW Alberto Nuccia
41 Tellia GK Gianlu De Luca
52 Tellia MF Guillaume Speroni

San Pietro Academy

Those marked in bold are also a member of the first team squad.

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player

Notable former players