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Dragonmoor FC
Dragonmoor FC Logo.png
Full name Dragonmoor Football Club
Nickname(s) The Dragons
Black Wall
Founded 2018
Ground Dragonmoor Stadium
(capacity: 75,000)
Owner Wilson Family PLC
Head Coach Floria David Martinez
League Super League Football

Dragonmoor FC is a football club based in Dragonmoor,Floria that competes in Super League Football, the top tier league competition in Floria. The formation of the club was the result of a historic merger between the two rival clubs of RB Dragonmoor and AFC Dragonmoor. "One Step Beyond" is the official song of the club and is played when Dragonmoor win matches. The team is nicknamed the Black Wall and they are Floria's second most popular and successful team after arch rivals Northcliff United however Dragonmoor are the first and only Florian football team to win the FMF Champions' League,the most prestigious club tournament on Micras. Dragonmoor FC plays at the Dragonmoor Stadium which has a capacity of 75,000.


Red Bear Period


Wilson Era


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
Floria GK Logan Shaw
Floria GK Lewis Lane
Floria GK Declan McCarthy
Floria DF Anthony Stone
Nouvelle Alexandrie DF Aítor Canarias
Floria DF Jake Hart
Floria DF Ryan Rogers
Floria DF Patrick Williams
Talenore MF Vernon Cristaldo
Floria MF Ben Cunningham
Floria DF Bradley Russell
Floria MF Rhys Chase
Craitland MF Albert Frohmann
No. Position Player
Floria MF Elliot Hawkins
Floria MF Martin Jarvis
Calbion MF Thom Morris
Floria MF Danny Sutton
Floria FW Sam Butcher
Floria FW Lewis Robertson
Floria FW Nathan Anderson
Çakaristan FW Ilkay Tisu-Em-Abojk
Floria FW Adam Williamson
Floria FW Alex Sanchez
Iselande DF Sami Eskola
Floria MF Alex Mound

Notable former players


Red Bear Park (2017–20)

Dragonmoor Stadium (2020–present)


Main article: The Black Wall


Main article: The Old Firm

Dragonmoor's two biggest rivals are Northcliff United and Celtic FC Oldhaven. Violence at clashes between the two clubs are rife and both rivalries heavily contribute to social and political division nationwide. As a result, fixtures between Dragonmoor's rivals attract huge interest, particularly amongst Raspur Pact member nations and other Apollonian countries.

The rivalry between Dragonmoor FC and Northcliff United is known as the 'Old Firm', as both clubs are the most dominant forces in Florian football.


Dragonmoor FC has an alliance with Sancrus FC from Vegno.

Ownership and Finances




Home kit

Dragonmoor FC Home Kit.png

Away Kit

Dragonmoor FC Third Kit 2018.png

Apollonia Kit

Dragonmoor FC Apollonia Kit.png