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2021–22 Super League Football

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Super League Football
Season 2021–22
Champions Dragonmoor FC
Relegated Etourney FC
Celtic FC Oldhaven
Havenbarrow City
FMF Champions' League Dragonmoor FC
Northcliff City
AEFA Champions' League Northcliff United
Barkham FC
Real Alexandria
CTFA Champions' League Etourney FC
Biggest home win Northsilver City 7-1 Inter Alexandria
Stonehall Hotspur 7-1 Celtic FC Oldhaven
Royal Diamonds 7-1 Celtic FC Oldhaven
Biggest away win Havenbarrow City 1–6 Inter Alexandria
Celtic FC Oldhaven 1-6 Stonehall Hotspur
Highest scoring Victoria City 5-5 Celtic FC Oldhaven
Longest unbeaten run Northcliff United (25)
Longest losing run Havenbarrow City
Dragonmoor FC celebrating their title win after winning 6-1 against Westlake Albion on the last day of the season.

The 2021–22 Super League Football season was the 4th season of Super League Football, the top professional association football league in Floria. After a two Conference style division system in the previous season, the league reverted back to one division. Playoffs to decide the championship were scrapped. Relegation was also reduced from four teams to three.

The season commenced on the 11th September 2021 and the season finished on the 4th June 2022. Dragonmoor FC were the defending champions after beating Longsight FC in the Championship Game the previous season. The fixtures were released on the 16th June 2021.


Twenty teams competed in the league – The top sixteen teams from the previous season and four promoted/expansion teams. The promoted/expanded teams were Havenbarrow City, Inter Alexandria, Real Alexandria and Wolfpine United. To make way for these new teams Birmingham United, Red Bear Newhedge CF, Ostville United and Northcliff Football Club were relegated in the previous season and were placed into the SLF Championship. After being known as "Town" since its establishment, Westlake renamed to Albion on the 16th June 2021. This is the second season in a row an SLF club has been renamed after Newmarsh Rangers renamed to Barkham FC in 2020.

Stadiums and locations

Club Location Stadium Capacity
Barkham FC Newmarsh Barkham Bridge 60,000
Blackoak City Blackoak City of Blackoak Stadium 55,097
Celtic FC Oldhaven Oldhaven (East) Oldhaven Park 72,000
Dragonmoor FC Dragonmoor Dragonmoor Stadium 75,000*
Etourney FC St Edwin's Etourney Stadium 32,050
Havenbarrow City Havenbarrow Royal Park 17,600
Inter Alexandria San Alexandria Fort Alexandria Park 80,000
Longsight FC Longsight Steinfield 54,074
Meadowedge Red Star Meadowedge Meadowedge Stadium 45,000
Northcliff City Northcliff (East) Brampton Stadium 53,400
Northcliff United Northcliff (West) Northcliff United Stadium 83,000
Northsilver City Northsilver Northsilver Stadium 43,319
Oldhaven Rangers Oldhaven (West) Thunder Park 74,000
Ostville Wednesday Ostville (West) Mountain Road 31,000
Real Alexandria San Alexandria Fort Alexandria Park 80,000
Royal Diamonds Bridgemoor Bridgemoor Park 25,456
Stonehall Hotspur Stonehall Stonehall Hotspur Stadium 54,329
Victoria City Victoria Victoria Stadium 32,000
Westlake Albion Westlake Noir Group Stadium 66,829
Wolfpine United Northcliff (Outer) Northcliff Road 36,000

Personnel and kits

Team Manager Captain Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor (sleeve)
Barkham FC Floria Bruno Galtier Floria Alex Mound Tick ULAS Motors
Blackoak City Floria Steve Owen Floria Paul Marshall Chicken King
Celtic FC Oldhaven Floria Steven Fletcher Floria Kirk Fraser VolksCorp
Dragonmoor FC Floria Sebastian Aagard Floria Patrick Williams ESB Group (Apollonia)
Etourney FC Floria Josh Harper (Interim) Etourney Mason Hudson FLO Taxi
Havenbarrow City Floria Will Grigg Floria Matt Powell ALAW
Inter Alexandria Floria Phillip Flowers Floria David Sanchez Skybnb
Longsight FC Floria Erico Luiz Floria Josh Milner Universal Express
Meadowedge Red Star Floria David Coote Floria Tom Williams AU Telecommunications
Northcliff City Floria Pablo Moreno Craitland Dräsen Isrdlvarien Faca
Northcliff United Floria Reynard Dubois Floria Nicholas Evans Titan Automotives
Northsilver City Floria Tim Shortwood Floria Matt Target Sibling Electronics
Oldhaven Rangers Floria Mark Gerrard Floria Callum Simpson FloHydro
Ostville Wednesday Floria Russell Jordan Floria Mark Kirkland Florina
Real Alexandria Floria Ricardo Torres Senya Larry Carson Florian Airlines
Royal Diamonds Floria Owen Barrett Floria Junior Harper Fastbet
Stonehall Hotspur Floria Brad Jacks Floria Issac Trippier Taco Ring
Victoria City Floria Edward Howard Floria Jackson Lavercombe Concord Insurance
Westlake Albion Floria Luke Morrison Floria Dave Wheeler Noir Group Hotels and Resorts
Wolfpine United Floria Ralph Roberts Floria Liam Cook FLO Railways

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Position in the table Incoming manager Date of appointment
Westlake Albion Paul Johnson Sacked 16th June 2021 Pre season Luke Morrison 16th June 2021
Blackoak City Pedro Ramos Appointed by Floria 18th August 2021 Pre season Bruno Galtier 20th August 2021
Northcliff United Steve Owen Sacked 17th October 2021 3rd Reynard Dubois 17th October 2021
Northsilver City Frank Phillips Sacked 19th October 2021 20th Tim Shortwood (Interim) 19th October 2021
Blackoak City Bruno Galtier Sacked 12th December 2021 11th Steve Owen 12th December 2021
Barkham FC Thomas Wells Sacked 29th January 2022 11th Bruno Galtier 9th February 2022
Etourney FC Rickey Dougherty Sacked 14th February 2022 17th Josh Harper (Interim) 21st February 2022
Celtic FC Oldhaven Wayne Gray Sacked 26th February 2022 20th Steven Fletcher 27th February 2022

League table

Team Pld
W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
Dragonmoor FC (C) 38 30 5 3 118 38 +80 95 Qualification to FMF Champions' League
Northcliff City 38 27 6 5 94 51 +43 87
Northcliff United 38 27 6 5 94 52 +42 87 Qualification to AEFA Champions' League
Real Alexandria 38 23 9 6 85 51 +34 78
Longsight FC 38 20 6 12 77 64 +13 66  
Ostville Wednesday 38 19 6 13 56 46 +10 63
Blackoak City 38 19 5 14 64 50 +14 62
Barkham FC 38 18 7 13 58 42 +16 61 Qualification to AEFA Champions' League Qualifying Round
Stonehall Hotspur 38 17 5 16 70 60 +10 56  
Inter Alexandria 38 15 6 17 60 63 −3 51
Etourney FC 38 14 5 19 46 57 −11 47 Transferred to Etournian football
Westlake Albion 38 13 5 20 58 64 −6 44  
Wolfpine United 38 12 6 20 52 72 −20 42
Victoria City 38 10 11 17 49 74 −25 41
Oldhaven Rangers 38 12 4 22 45 69 −24 40
Royal Diamonds 38 11 5 22 57 72 −15 38
Meadowedge Red Star 38 9 10 19 58 73 −15 37
Northsilver City 38 9 9 20 41 81 −40 36
Celtic FC Oldhaven 38 5 7 26 45 98 −53 22 Relegated to SLF Championship
Havenbarrow City 38 4 9 25 36 86 −50 21
Qualification for the 2022–23 FMF Champions' League and 2022–23 AEFA Champions' League is determined at the commencement of the 2022–23 season. The qualification berths indicated are based on the predicted allocations for the 2021–22 season and are subject to change. An additional AEFA Champions' League berth is awarded to the winners of the 2022 Florian Cup, Since Northcliff City already qualified for the competition via league position, Barkham FC qualified for the competition as runners-up.


Results can be viewed here.

Top scorers

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Floria Sam Butcher Dragonmoor FC 40
2 Floria Kylian Saint-Pierre Northcliff United 37
3 Craitland Dräsen Isrdlvarien Northcliff City 33
4 Talenore Vernon Cristaldo Dragonmoor FC 26
5 Hazar Ilkay Tisu-Em-Abojk Dragonmoor FC 22
6= Floria Dave Wheeler Westlake Albion 18
6= Floria Kai Roofe Blackoak City
7 Raspur Jacques Modrem Northcliff United 16
8 Floria Joe Sturridge Longsight FC 15
9 Floria Sheldon Hunt Northcliff City


Monthly awards

Month Manager of the Month Player of the Month
Manager Club Player Club
September Floria Sebastian Aagard Dragonmoor FC Floria Sam Butcher Dragonmoor FC
October Floria Ricardo Torres Real Alexandria Floria Dave Wheeler Westlake Albion
November Floria Reynard Dubois Northcliff United Floria Robert Foster Ostville Wednesday
December Floria Reynard Dubois Northcliff United Floria Sam Butcher Dragonmoor FC
January Floria Ralph Roberts Wolfpine United Floria Kylian Saint-Pierre Northcliff United
February Floria Sebastian Aagard Dragonmoor FC Floria Bradley Russell Dragonmoor FC
March Floria Reynard Dubois Northcliff United Floria Bradley Russell Dragonmoor FC
April Floria Sebastian Aagard Dragonmoor FC Floria Sheldon Hunt Northcliff City
May Floria Sebastian Aagard Dragonmoor FC Floria Sam Butcher Dragonmoor FC

Annual awards

Award Winner Club
Manager of the Season Floria Sebastian Aagard Floria Dragonmoor FC
MVP Floria Sam Butcher Floria Dragonmoor FC
Young Player of the Season Floria Sheldon Hunt Floria Northcliff City
Comeback Player of the Season Senya Larry Carson Floria Real Alexandria
Team of the Year
Goalkeeper Floria Robert Foster (Ostville Wednesday)
Defenders Floria Anthony Stone (Dragonmoor FC) Floria Patrick Williams (Dragonmoor FC) Floria Bradley Russell (Dragonmoor FC) Floria Nicholas Evans (Northcliff United)
Midfielders Talenore Vernon Cristaldo (Dragonmoor FC) Floria Alex Mound (Barkham FC) Raspur Jacques Modrem (Northcliff United)
Forwards Floria Kylian Saint-Pierre (Northcliff United) Floria Sam Butcher (Dragonmoor FC) Craitland Dräsen Isrdlvarien (Northcliff City)