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2021–22 Passiputbalsarslikk

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The 2021–22 Passiputbalsarslikk is the first season of the top division of Highpassian football. Since only professional teams are allowed in the top division, only the Rhodondra Wanderers and Spleazure Swallows are represented. The two teams play each other 32 times per season. There is no relegation from the Passiputbalsarslikk.

Participating teams

Team name City Stadium Capacity
Rhodondra Wanderers Rhodondra Jaap Stadium 25,800
Spleazure Swallows Spleazure Spleazure Arena 19,500

Current table

Team Pld
W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification
Rhodondra Wanderers 32 11 10 11 52 51 +1 43 Qualification for WMFA Champions' League
Spleazure Swallows 32 11 10 11 51 52 −1 43 Possible qualification for WMFA Champions' League