Red Bear Dragonmoor

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Red Bear Dragonmoor
Full name Red Bear Dragonmoor Football Club
Nickname(s) Red Bears
Founded 2017
Dissolved 2018
Ground Red Bear Park
(capacity: 31,895)
League Florian Premier League

RB Dragonmoor (Red Bear Dragonmoor) was a Dragonmoor-based football club which competed in the Florian Premier League. The Team was founded in June 2017 as Dragonmoor City but was then bought by energy drink company Red Bear for a fee of Cr 2 billion, therefore renaming the team to RB Dragonmoor. Facilities were heavily invested and the team moved into a brand new stadium which has a capacity 60,000. Although Dragonmoor City FC won the first-ever edition of the Florian Premier League, financial difficulties led to the club's demise in 2018 and the franchise was succeeded by newly-established Dragonmoor FC.


The team was originally founded as Dragonmoor City in April 2017. It became instantly successful by winning the Florian Premier League Summer Series and therefore qualifying for the 2017–18 AEFA Champions' League Qualifying rounds. The club then received a formal bid of around Cr 2 billion from energy drink company, Red Bear who promised to improve the infrastructure of the club and football in the city of Dragonmoor creating Floria’s first super club. This however angered fans of the popular football club and many fan clubs left to form a breakaway football team called AFC Dragonmoor City who then competed in the amateur Florian Regional Leagues. The club announced plans to create a brand new stadium which at the time would have cost Cr 20 million and have a capacity of 18,500. On the 9th June 2017, the club found issues in finding a stadium for the AEFA Champions' League qualifiers as many clubs refused to let the team play at their stadiums. However, the club found a solution and was to play at the Apollo City Stadium in neighbouring Jingdao, but Red Bear Park finished unexpectedly early, however, a month later, many problems occurred as many errors in the infrastructure made most of the stadium unusable, therefore AEFA home matches were played at the Dragonmoor City Stadium, a local rugby league stadium. On the 25th August, the club received a warning over league rules and was deducted 6 points and furthermore, they were given a transfer ban however these were both appealed successfully. On the 29th August 2017, RB Dragonmoor played their first match of their AEFA Champions' League campaign against Daocheng of Jingdao away from home. The match was brought into chaos from the Red Bears who overwhelmingly brought too many supporters causing delays in the Jingdaoese capital and the match was delayed by an hour. In the match itself RB Dragonmoor ended up losing the game 2-1. In the return leg, however, at home, RB Dragonmoor turned it around and won 2-1. RB Dragonmoor would win 6-5 in the subsequent penalty shootout. In the second qualifying Round, RB Dragonmoor was given a tough draw against River Warriors side,FC Mahūti. RB Dragonmoor, however, was up for a task and beat the side 2-0 at home. In the return leg, RB Dragonmoor drew 1-1 winning 3-1 on agg. and the team set up a tough tie against Eldeburgh. The team won the tie on penalties and became the first Florian side to qualify for the group stage. On 15th October, construction of Red Bear Park was fully completed. On 17 October 2017, it played its first-ever match at Red Bear Park but lost the game 2-1 against Lakkvian side Huyenkula 07 Sport. On the same day, Russel Jordan was sacked as manager due to poor form in the league and a dreadful start to the AEFA Champions League campaign. Draža Mihajlovic was appointed as his successor on the same day. On the 20th November. Draža Mihajlovic was sacked after accusations for leaking confidential information to Corian secret services.

The club was dissolved on 1 June 2018, with Dragonmoor FC succeeding its place in the Florian football system. Dragonmoor FC is now the joint most supported club in Floria and is the first Florian football club to win the FMF Champions’ League.


Former players


Red Bears during a league match against Celtic FC Oldhaven.
The official logo of the Red Bears.

After the purchase from Red Bear. Many ex-fans of Dragonmoor City left to form a breakaway club called AFC Dragonmoor City. However, most fans stayed to support the club. The largest fan club was called the Red Bears.


Red Bear Dragonmoor in AEFA competitions

Season Competition Round Opponent Home Away Agg.
2017–18 AEFA Champions' League 1Q Jingdao Daocheng FC 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) 1 – 2 3–3 (pens)
2Q River Warriors FC Mahūti 2 – 0 1 – 1 3–1
3Q Gotzborg Eldeburgh FC 1 – 0 0 – 1 (a.e.t.) 1–1 (pens)
Group A
Lakkvia Huyenkula 07 Sport 1 – 2 1 – 0 3rd out of 4
Neo Patrova FC Bourgeoisie 2 – 1 2 – 1
Gerenia KP International 0 – 1 0 – 2
AEFA Cup Second Round Senya Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets FK 0 – 2 0 – 2 0 – 4


RB Dragonmoor was supplied by its own sportswear company.

Home kit

The shirt and socks were white and shorts were red.

RB Dragonmoor Home Kit.png

Away Kit

The shirt was grey and the shorts and socks were black.

RB Dragonmoor Away Kit(1).png

Goalkeeper First Kit

The shirt was yellow with a black pattern and the shorts were black.

RB Dragonmoor GK one.png

Goalkeeper Second Kit

The shirt was green with a dark green pattern and the shorts were also green.

RB Dragonmoor GK two.png