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Florian Premier League

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Monster Interactive Florian Premier League
Countries Florian Republic Florian Republic
Etourney Etourney
Confederation Aefa.png AEFA
Founded 2016
First season 2017–18
Number of teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Florian Championship
Domestic cup(s) President's Cup
Florian Cup
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League
Current champions Northcliff United
Most championships RB Dragonmoor
Northcliff United (1)

The Florian Premier League (Florian:Premier Lìog) known as the Monster Interactive Florian Premier League for sponsorship reasons was the highest level of Football in the Florian Republic.




Early dominance by Northcliff United and Dragonmoor City

In the first seasons of the competition, the league was dominated by big money spenders, Northcliff United and Dragonmoor City FC. In the 2017-18 season, it was evident after Northcliff established a 16 point lead at the end of the season and Dragonmoor 11 points ahead of third place Meadowedge Red Star.

Breakaway from the Florian FA and demise

After months of negotiation between all Premier League clubs and the Florian FA, the league broke away from the national governing body of the sport. After the breakaway, the league signed deals with huge paying sponsors and a board of 18 members was created. On the 23rd January 2018, it was announced that the league would be replaced by Super League Football for the 2018-19 season.


Each team did play four times against each other team in the competition. The teams which finished in the bottom two places in the relegation table were automatically relegated to the Florian Championship. The relegation table was calculated over positional points over three seasons.The inaugural season kicked off on the 12th August 2017. The winner did qualify for the AEFA Champions' League, with the Runner-up qualifying for the AEFA Cup.

AEFA Competiton qualification

The winner of the league used to qualify for the qualifying rounds of the AEFA Champions' League. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams qualified for the qualifying rounds of the AEFA Cup. Also, the winner of the Florian Cup qualified for the AEFA Cup.

International players policy

To improve the standard of Florian football, clubs were limited to have up to three foreigners in their teams starting lineups. Top clubs such as RB Dragonmoor and Northcliff United were known for having fielding players from the Kingdom of Coria and Craitland. The improvements of the national team were spotted when they famously beat the Craitland national football team on Craitish home soil. However, to accompany this rule, teams were controversially allowed to buy a foreign marquee player without a transfer cap and also that the marquee player could start in the starting line-up and not count as a 'foreign' player.

Florian Premier League seasons and champions

No. Season Champion
1 2017 Dragonmoor City FC
2 2017–18 Florian Premier League Northcliff United

Most successful clubs

Current Clubs

Former clubs

Club Florian name Seasons in Florian Premier League Best finish Worst finish Current league
RB Dragonmoor RB Ddraigmòinteach 2 1st 2nd Defunct
Northsilver Galaxy Gogleddairgead Galaxy 2 6th 9th Florian Championship
Celtic FC Oldhaven Celtaidd FC Henairadhart 1 10th 10th Florian Championship

AEFA Ranking

The League as of 2017 was ranked joint 22nd in AEFA, however it will increase in the future after a very sucessfull first campaign of Florian clubs in the AEFA Champions league and AEFA Cup.

  • 21.Constancia
  • 22.Astaronia
  • Eklesia
  • Florian Republic
  • Kingdom of Coria
  • Nedland
  • Raspur
  • Saint Andre
  • Hondon
  • Freeland

The Edwin Farrar Trophy

The Premier League

The current Championship trophy was created by Florian artist, Jacob Price. It consists of three pillars and is gold plated. With a Dark Brown base. The trophy was named after the founder of the Florian Republic, Edwin Farrar.


Season Sponsor Annual Value Official League Name
2017 Escape Sportswear Cr 150 million Escape Sportswear Premier League
2018- Monster Interactive Cr 500 million Monster Interactive Premier League

Media coverage

Florian Republic and Etourney

The main broadcaster of the league in the Florian Republic is Red Sports which signed a Cr 350 million in late 2017. Free to view sports channel, SPorts Hub broadcast a selected match each week. Red Sports currently broadcasts 144 of the possible 180. Sports Hub currently broadcasts 36 in total. Half of the leagues matches are avaiable to stream by pay to view streaming service, Netstream. Free illegal streaming services however are a persistant issue and the league has teamed up with the Florian police to shut down streams. Penalties from hosting illegal streams include a 5 year prison sentence.

Country TV Broadcasters Radio Broadcasters
Florian Republic Florian Republic
Etourney Etourney
Sports Hub
Red Sports
Free Sports Radio
Freeland Freeland PRF 1 N/A

Notable rivalries

In the league, there are many notable rivalries. Firstly, the Southern Derby played by Dragonmoor FC and Celtic FC Oldhaven due to the location of both teams. The other notable rivalry is the derby between Dragonmoor FC and Northcliff United, the two most successful teams in the country. The rivalry between Blackoak Town and Stonehall Hotspur is also notable.