Red Sports

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Red Sports
Industry Sports subscription television
Predecessor(s) Stadiosport
Founder(s) Jack Perez
Area served Worldwide
Products 6 channels
Owner(s) Red PLC.
Employees 3,000

Red Sports is a group of sports television channels operated by the satellite pay-TV company Red plc. Red Sports is one of the major subscription television sports brands in Floria. Red Sports Main Event, FFl and SLF are available as a premium package on top of the basic Red package. These channels are also available as premium channels on nearly every satellite, cable and IPTV broadcasting system in Floria. Red Sports News and Red Sports Mix are both provided as part of basic packages.

Summary of sports rights


  • Three FBA games a day
  • All playoff games


Florian Football League

Red Sports has exclusive rights to all FFL Matches including the post season Playoffs until the end of the 2021 FFL season.Matches are shown on the FFL Channel and the red button if two or more games play at the same time.

Rugby League

  • Super League Playoffs

Ice Hockey

  • Two selected fixtures of the ICHL every day.
  • ICHL Cup Playoffs


List of channels:

  • News
  • Main Event
  • FFL
  • Super League Football
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • FM