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Current season or competition:
2021 FFL season
Sport Amorian football (Florian rules)
Founded 2018
Commissioner Edwin Lee
Inaugural season 2018
No. of teams 24
Nation(s) Confederate States of Floria flag.png Floria
Most recent champion(s) Westlake Patriots
Most titles Westlake Patriots (2)
Qualification President Bowl
TV partner(s) Red Sports
FFL Network
Related competitions National College Football Association
Level on pyramid 1

The Florian Football League (FFL; Alexandrian: Ligue Florian de football, LFF) is a professional Gridiron football league consisting of 24 teams, all listed in major Florian cities and divided equally between two conferences. The league is one of the five major professional sports leagues in Floria and is the highest level of professional gridiron football in the world. The league has a 17-week regular season running from early September to late December and following the conclusion of the regular season, 12 teams (top two teams from each conference plus four wildcards) advance to the playoffs, culminating in the President Bowl which is held on the first Sunday of February and is played between the champions of each conference.

The league was formed in 2018 originally as the Florian National Football League (FNFL) following traditional Amorian football rules but before the start of the 2019 FFL season the league decided to create its own rules of gridiron football and eventually renamed itself the Florian Football League. The current champions are Westlake Patriots for winning President Bowl II in the league's second season.



The Florian Football League consists of 24 clubs divided into two conferences of twelve each. Each conference is divided into three divisions of four clubs each. Every FFL team is based in the Florian mainland and the league is the only major sports league in the Florian Republic to be truly based in the mainland alone. The 24 teams are organised into six geographic divisions of four teams each. These divisions are further organized into two conferences, the Apollonian Conference and National Conference.

FFL Apollonian Conference clubs
Division Colours Club Established Location Stadium Capacity*
East           Birmingham Bears 2020 Birmingham Eastpak Stadium 34,500
          Las Andreas Redhawks 2019 Las Andreas Las Andreas Park 52,000
          Longsight Lions 2020 Longsight Steinfield 54,074
          Victoria Buccaneers 2019 Victoria City Victoria Stadium 65,000
Central           Newmarsh Broncos 2018 Newmarsh Newmarsh Olympic Stadium 60,000
          Newmarsh Jets 2018 Newmarsh Newmarsh Olympic Stadium 60,000
          Northcliff Falcons 2018 Northcliff Northcliff United Stadium 83,000
          Westlake Patriots 2018 Westlake Noir Group Stadium 66,829
West           Coldley Cowboys 2019 Coldley Florian Telecom Stadium 80,000
          Havenbarrow Dolphins 2018 Havenbarrow Havenbarrow Dolphins Stadium 65,000
          Meadowedge Colts 2018 Meadowedge Meadowedge Stadium 45,500
          Northcliff Brownbears 2018 Northcliff FastEnergy Arena 67,895
FFL National Conference clubs
Division Colours Club Established Location Stadium Capacity*
East           Dragonmoor Chargers 2018 Dragonmoor Thomas Lemery Stadium
Dragonmoor Stadium (2021 onwards)
          Dragonmoor Raiders 2018 Dragonmoor Red Bear Park
Dragonmoor Stadium (2021 onwards)
          Oldhaven Ravens 2018 Oldhaven Oldhaven Park 72,000
          Oldhaven Titans 2018 Oldhaven Oldhaven Park 72,000
Central           Blackoak Buffalo 2018 Blackoak City of Blackoak Stadium 55,097
          Blackoak Tigers 2018 Blackoak Hook Solutions Stadium 65,515
          Bridgemoor Cardinals 2020 Bridgemoor Agricultural Institute of Bridgemoor Stadium 63,000
          Stonehall Rams 2018 Stonehall Stonehall Hotspur Stadium 54,329
West           Echo City Chiefs 2019 Echo City Archery Field 76,000
          Newhedge Steelers 2018 Newhedge Ketchup Field 69,690
          Northsilver Jaguars 2018 Northsilver Northsilver Stadium 45,000
          Vice City Superhawks 2020 Vice City Millennium Field 68,740

Season format

The FFL season format consists of a four-week preseason, a seventeen-week regular season, and a twelve-team single-elimination playoff culminating in the President Bowl, the league's championship game.

Pre season

Each FFL team is required to schedule four preseason games, two of which must be at its home stadium. Preseason games are exhibition matches and do not count towards regular-season totals. Because the preseason does not count towards standings, teams generally do not focus on winning games; instead, they are used by coaches to evaluate their teams and by players to show their performance, both to their current team and to other teams if they get cut.

Regular season

Currently, the seventeen opponents each team faces over the 17 game regular-season schedule are set using a pre-determined formula: The league runs a seventeen-week, 192-game regular season. The season traditionally begins a week after the first Monday in September and concludes are week after Christmas. Most FFL games are played on Sundays, with a Monday night game typically held at least once a week and Thursday night games occurring on most weeks as well.


Following the conclusion of the regular season, the NFL Playoffs, a twelve-team single-elimination tournament, is then held. Six teams from each conference are selected: The winners of six divisions and three wildcards. These teams are seeded according to overall record, with the division champions always ranking higher than any of the wild card teams. The top two seeds from each conference are awarded a bye week, while the remaining six teams (seeded 2–7) from each conference compete in the first round of the playoffs, the Wild Card round, with the third seed competing against the sixth seed and the fourth seed competing against the fifth seed. The winners of the Wild Card round advance to the Divisional Round, which matches the lower seeded team against the first seed and the higher seeded team against the second seed. The winners of those games then compete in the Conference Championships, with the higher remaining seed hosting the lower remaining seed. The Apollonia Conference and National Conference champions then compete in the President Bowl to determine the league champion.

Media coverage

In the Confederate States of Floria, the FFL has a substantial television contract with major TV networks,Red Sports, ESN and Sportsworld. The contract covers every regular season and playoff game with Sportsworld covering Apollonian Conference games and National Conference games covered by Red Sports. All FFL matches are shown on designated channels and red button services. Matches played on Thursday nights and Saturday nights are broadcast on the FFL Network whilst Monday night games are provided by ESN. All matches are televised nationwide unlike the other major competitions in the country. Matches can be streamed on a streaming service similar to what is used in the Florian Super League, for countries which do not have a broadcasting deal with the league.


The League operates an entry draft for college players who have graduated. Unlike the ICHL, there is no draft lottery and the team which finishes last in the overall standings receives the first pick. There is a total of three rounds. Undrafted players may enter the League as a free agent and a total of four rookie free agents are allowed to be signed for each team.