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CTFA Champions' League

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The CTFA Champions' League is a continental competition for association football clubs from nations within the CTFA.

General structure


Eight clubs participated in the qualifying round for the 2012-13 CTFA Champions' League, with the four winners advancing to the group stage.

Group stage

Four teams automatically qualified for the group stage, where they were joined by the four winners from the qualifying round.

Knockout rounds

The top two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals, which will be played over two legs. The semi-final winners advance to the final, which is a one-off game at a neutral venue.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2012 Alexandria Franciscania Athletic 5–4 Zandarijn AFC Hamstadt
2012–13 Zandarijn AFC Hamstadt 2–0 Alexandria Franciscania Athletic
2013–14 Zandarijn AFC Hamstadt 4–1 Alexandria Franciscania Athletic
2014–15 Zandarijn AFC Hamstadt 1–0 Natopia Tasneemia City Bulls
2015–16 Birgeshir Otaq Röyal FK 1–0 (a.e.t.) Alexandria Franciscania Athletic
2016–17 Birgeshir Otaq Röyal FK 2–1 Calbion Pentyre Dragons
2017–18 Birgeshir Öturma FK 2–0 Birgeshir Koridor Balan FK
2018–19 Birgeshir Mëzal Birlæşňi FK 2–0 Zandarijn Prins Haven Atletisch FC
2019–20 Zandarijn Prins Haven Atletisch FC 2–1 (a.e.t.) Birgeshir Otaq Röyal FK
2020–21 Calbion Pentyre Dragons 1–1 (a.e.t.)
5–3 (pens)
Hazar Nevişahsınamünhasır FK
2021–22 Hazar Erciyes FK 3–2 Natopia Butter Cow City Eucas
2022–23 Calbion Celtic Lloran 3–0 Natopia Lindström Leopards