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Pentyre Dragons

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Pentyre Dragons Football Club
Pentyre Dragons Crest.png
Nickname(s) The Black Dragons
Founded April 2013
Ground Caerdragon Stadium
(capacity: 72,000)
Manager Richard Berkley
League Gynghrair Gyntaf
Pentyre Dragons Kit2.png

Pentyre Dragons (officially Pentyre Dragons Football Club) is a Calbain football club that plays in the Gynghrair Gyntaf. It is widely considered to be the best professional football club in Calbion, and has seen some international success, coming up second in the 2016–17 CTFA Champions' League. It is also known as the place of breakthrough for many prominent international players.


Pentyre Dragons FC was founded in 2013 and quickly rose to become the largest football club in Calbion. The team won the first Gynghrair Gyntaf title and as such performed in the CTFA Champions' League, where they were eliminated rather quickly. They continued to win the three subsequent Gynghrair Gyntafs, and participated in the Champions league, where they came up second in the 2016-17 season.

Since the start of the Calbain football competition, the Dragons have won every Gynhrair Gyntaf title except for 2016-2017. The team is regarded as the "only true top club" from Calbion. The team also has the most significant support within the country. The Dragons have longstanding rivalries with Arwyn Llysthur and Kilkelly United. The match between the Dragons and Pentyre City F.C. is known as the Capital Derby.

Pentyre Dragons play in the Caerdragon (Dragon Castle) stadium in Pentyre, it is the largest stadium in Calbion and is also used for rugby union matches.

The Dragons won the CTFA Champions' League in 2021 for the first time, marking their best result in the international competition following a second place in 2017.

First team squad

The "Dream Team" of the Dragons in 2015

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Calbion GK Evan Dexter
2 Calbion DF Pete Howard
3 New Sussex DF James Hawkney
4 Calbion MF David Grainor
5 Port Balaine FW Fernando Diaz
6 Calbion DF Edward Faletau
7 Shireroth MF Raynor Kraus
8 Calbion MF Sior ab Howard
9 New Batavia MF Peter Harbers
10 Calbion MF Evyn Davies
11 Calbion FW Josh Huw
12 Unified Governorates FW Helarius Gramsch
13 Calbion DF Llywelyn ab Owain
No. Position Player
14 Calbion FW Artyr Falk
15 Elwynn FW Kyran Verion
17 Kildare FW Salvatore Tiberius
18 Calbion FW Michael Joyce
19 Elwynn DF Melan Agaaroo
20 Calbion GK Hemés Abed
21 Calbion MF Ioan Hopkins
22 Calbion MF Llywelyn Walsh
23 Nouvelle Alexandrie GK Santiago Ignacio Vargas
24 Calbion MF Ian Crady
25 Calbion MF Miles Moreland
Calbion MF Ronald Pritchard

Notable former players