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Gynghrair Gyntaf

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Gynghrair Gyntaf
Countries Calbion Calbion
Confederation CTFA
Founded 2014
First season 2014–15
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Regional Divisions
League cup(s) Cwpan Calbain
International cup(s) CTFA Champions' League
Most championships Pentyre Dragons (3)
2021-22 Gynghrair Gyntaf

The Gynghrair Gyntaf is the highest, and only professional, association Football competition in Calbion. As of 2021, five seasons of the competition have been played. Since 1691, the Gynghrair Gyntaf is sponsored by Afal Aur Cider.


Football has been one of the most popular sports in Calbion for a long time, however no professional league was established until after the formation of the Calbain state. In 2014, the first group of clubs participated in the inaugural Gynghrair Gyntaf, which saw Pentyre Dragons win its first title. Since then, the league has become a starting board for many clubs to reach some international recognition. In addition, the Gynghrair Gyntaf has been the first professional league for several young and talented players that have moved on to become internationally renowned. After Calbion expanded its territory in 1691, the number of teams was increased from 10 to 14 to include the stronger teams from the new Talaithau.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2014–2015 Pentyre Dragons Celtic Lloran Arryn United
2015–2016 Pentyre Dragons Celtic Lloran St. Edward FC
2016–2017 Arwyn Llysthur Pentyre Dragons Celtic Lloran
2019–2020 Pentyre Dragons Arwyn Llysthur Celtic Lloran
2020–2021 Pentyre Dragons Arwyn Llysthur Aberford Town
2021–2022 Pentyre Dragons Arwyn Llysthur Celtic Lloran
2022–2023 Pentyre Dragons Arwyn Llysthur Celtic Lloran


The following clubs are participating in the 2021-2022 edition of the Gynghrair Gyntaf.

Number Club Location Stadium Capacity
1 Aberford Town Aberford Town's Lane 29,400
2 Athletic Club Y Faenor Y Faenor Corwyntoedd Stadium 19,600
3 Arryn Rovers Arryn The Bucket 16,500
4 Arwyn Llysthur Llysthur Dale Winston Dome 58,000
5 Bryden Town Bryden Lawrence Sherrington Field 20,500
6 Caerathon FC Caerathon The Black Castle 20,000
7 Celtic Lloran Lloran Greenfield 25,100
8 Kilkelly United Kilkelly Athenry Field 20,000
9 Pêl-droed Llysthur Llysthur Prince Arthur II Stadium 19,200
10 Pentyre Dragons Pentyre Caerdragon 72,000
11 Porth Aerys Eagles Porth Aerys The Nest 19,200
12 Porth Edward FC Porth Edward Pawel Abraham Stadium 34,100
13 Southport Brettanics Southport Whitehall Park 27,300
14 Ynyshir Athletic Club Halwrach Athletic Park 23,500