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2016–17 Gynghrair Gyntaf

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Gynghrair Gyntaf
Season 2016–17
Matches played 22

The 2016-17 Gynghrair Gyntaf is the third season of the Gynghrair Gyntaf, the top professional league for association football clubs in Calbion. The season will start in July, 2016.


There are twelve teams participating in this season, ten of which had previously participated in the 2015-16 season. Two new teams were promoted to the Gynghrair Gyntaf: Llewin Ravens and Arryn United. Maraguan VC and Pirates PD were relegated to the amateur league.

Stadiums and locations

Club Location Stadium Capacity
Aberford Town Aberford Town's Lane 29,400
Arryn United Arryn The Bucket 16,500
Arwyn Llysthur Llysthur Union Dome 58,000
Caerathon FC Caerathon The Castle 18,450
Celtic Lloran Lloran Greenfield 25,100
Golden Dragons FC Elarian Waylon Thomas Stadium 21,900
Knights AFC Kilkelly The Fields 45,000
Llewin Ravens Llewin Western Stadium 12,000
Pêl-droed Llysthur Llysthur King Arthur Stadium 19,200
Pentyre City FC Pentyre City Park 22,000
Pentyre Dragons Pentyre Caerdragon 72,000
St. Edward FC St. Edward Pawel Abraham Stadium 34,000