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2012 CiboTap Championships

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2012 CiboTap Championships
Tournament details
Host country Zandarijn Zandarijn
(final match)
Dates 2 – 30 May 2012
Teams (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s) (in 3 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Natopia Natopia (1st title)
Runners-up Alexandria Alexandria
Third place Zandarijn Zandarijn
Fourth place Monovia Monovia
Tournament statistics
Matches played 3
Goals scored (2.67 per match)

The 2012 CiboTap Championships, commonly referred to as CiboTap 2012, was the sixth tournament of the CiboTap Championships, and was held between 2 May and 30 May 2012. The four competing national teams all qualified successfully to be involved. The tournament's matches were played in three stadiums in three different cities around the host nations.

The tournament was won by Natopia, for their first ever title, who beat favourites Alexandria in the final in Hamstadt.


Due to the small field of competing nations, the semi-final matches were played within the highest-ranked nation of the opposite tie. Zandarijn was chosen to host the final match as being the most suitable of the losing semi-finalists to do so.



Qualification for the 2012 CiboTap Championships was decided by the CTFA's groups in the 2012 FMF World Cup qualification rounds. Both the winners and runners-up of both groups advanced to the tournament.

Qualifying standings

Group A
Team Pld GD Pts
Natopia Natopia 6 +5 11
Monovia Monovia 6 +2 9
Zealandia Zealandia 6 +1 9
Relaram Relaram 6 −8 3

Group B
Team Pld GD Pts
Alexandria Alexandria 6 +13 14
Zandarijn Zandarijn 6 +4 11
Hammish Monovia Hammish Monovia 6 +1 6
Kirkland Kirkland 6 −18 1

List of participating teams


2 May 2012
Natopia Natopia 2 – 1
Zandarijn Zandarijn
Cunmulaj Goal 69'
Murphy-Lee Goal 94'
van Hajn Goal 42'

2 May 2012
Alexandria Alexandria 3 – 0 Monovia Monovia
Mohamed Goal 13'
Lassana-Traoré Goal 17'
Álexis Goal 40'


30 May 2012
Natopia Natopia 1 – 1
Alexandria Alexandria
Walhamstow Goal 105' Lassana-Traoré Goal 92'
Cunmulaj Scored
Chowdhury Scored
Murphy-Lee Scored
Shin Scored
4 – 1 Scored Lassana-Traoré
Missed (Hit bar) Modrem
Missed (Saved) Álexis

2012 CiboTap Championships
First title

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