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Alexandria national football team

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Alexandria Alexandria
Logo of the Alexandria national football team
Nickname(s) The Blues
Les Bleus
Association ASA
FMF member 2006–17
Confederation CTFA
Home stadium International Superdome
FMF code ALX
First FMF intermicronational
New Brittania New Brittania 1–1 Alexandria Alexandria
Biggest win
Alexandria Alexandria 14–0 Lucerne Lucerne
Biggest defeat
Alexandria Alexandria 0–4 Tellia Tellia
FMF World Cup
Appearances 11 (first in 2006)
Best result Winners
CiboTap Championships
Appearances 9 (first in 2007)
Best result Winners

The Alexandria national football team was the football team which represented the micronation of Alexandria. The team was a founding member of both the FMF and the CTFA, and was run by the ASA.

The team was one of the most successful national sides on Micras, having won the FMF World Cup in 2009 and appearing in the final of every CiboTap Championships, winning in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. In addition, alongside Craitland, the Alexandrian national side was one of only two nations' teams to have appeared in every edition of the FMF World Cup finals prior to its demise.


Alexandria was one of the founding members of the FMF when the organisation was created in October 2006 prior to the first FMF World Cup. The national team competed in the tournament, reaching the quarter-finals before being knocked-out by hosts Taesong after losing 1–0.

The following year, the team competed in the inaugural World Cup qualifiers, topping the CTFA's sole four-team group. The team advanced to the first CiboTap final, where they lost on penalties to Matbaa. In the World Cup, the team won their group thanks to 5–3 and 5–0 wins over Hurmu and New-Empire, respectively. However, they lost to eventual champions Craitland 3–2 in the quarter-finals.

In their 2008 qualifying group, the team won all three of their matches to top the group and advance to the play-offs, where they beat Zandarijn 3–2 to qualify. The play-offs also acted as the semi-finals for the 2008 CiboTap Championships, with the team advancing to the final, where they lost 2–1 to underdogs Kavalos. In the World Cup later in the year, the team won their group without dropping a point before beating hosts Amokolia in the quarter-finals but then losing 6–4 to Passas. In the third-place play-off, the team lost to Bobalania in extra time to finish fourth.

Alexandria was chosen to host the World Cup in 2009. However, the team was still involved in the CTFA's qualifying rounds due to being involved in CiboTap 2009, where they topped the sole five-team group before losing on penalties to Zandarijn in the final. In the World Cup, the team won their group with seven points, beat Toketi in the quarter-finals, and knocked-out holders Craitland in the semi-finals. In the final, they beat Nova England 2–0 to seal their first World Cup title and became the first host nation to lift the trophy.

As winners of the previous year's tournament, the team automatically qualified for the 2010 FMF World Cup, but again competed in the qualifiers as part of CiboTap 2010. The team were unbeaten in their four-team group and advanced to the final, where they beat Monovia 4–1 for their first CiboTap title at the fourth attempt. The year's World Cup finals were less of a success for the team, as they could only manage third in their group, finishing behind Stormark on goals scored.

After topping the CTFA's sole six-team qualifying group without losing a match, the team beat Natopia 3–2 in the 2011 CiboTap Championships final for their second regional title. The team continued their success into their World Cup group, winning all three of their games, before being eliminated in the quarter-finals on penalties by eventual winners Craitland.

In the 2012 qualifiers, the team won their four-team group with 14 points, without losing a match, to seal their place in their seventh finals. The team also advanced to the CiboTap 2012 semi-finals, comfortably beating Monovia, but lost the final, yet again on penalties, to Natopia. In the World Cup, the team topped their group after winning all of their matches, before beating holders Craitland 3–0 in the quarter-finals and hosts Antica 1–0 in the semi-finals before losing the final on penalties to Tellia.

Alexandria continued the previous year's successes into the 2013 qualifying rounds, where they won their five-team group with 18 points, advancing to the CiboTap semi-finals. After beating Treisenberg 4–0, the team won the CiboTap final 3–1 over Zandarijn for their third title, sealing qualification to the 2013 FMF World Cup in the process. In the World Cup, the team topped their group on goal difference, with six points, before beating holders Tellia in the quarter-finals. Despite losing their semi-final to eventual champions Hamland, Alexandria beat Craitland in extra time in the third-place play-off to finish third.

In 2014's qualifiers, the team topped their four-team group after winning all of their matches to reach the 2014 FMF World Cup. The team also reached the 2014 CiboTap Championships, where they won their semi-final against Birgeshir and beat Zandarijn 2–1 in a repeat of the previous year's final to win their fourth title. In the World Cup, the team topped their group with three wins to their name, but were beaten 1–0 by eventual runners-up Hamland in the quarter-finals.

In the following year's qualifiers, the team comfortably topped their five-team group with 21 points and reached a tenth World Cup finals. In the World Cup, the team advanced from their group in second place with eight points, behind Talenore on goal difference, to reach the play-off round. After beating Valencia 2–0, the team were eliminated in the quarter-finals after losing a penalty shoot-out to Passas.

In 2016, as holders of the CiboTap Championships, Alexandria qualified automatically for the year's tournament and instead competed in the inaugural FMF Confederations Cup, where they finished bottom of their four-team group with five points. In CiboTap 2016, the team performed better as they topped their group unbeaten and comfortably beat hosts Calbion 4–1 in the semi-finals. However, they were beaten 1–0 in the final by Birgeshir to finish as runners-up.

Alexandria topped their four-team 2017 FMF World Cup qualification group unbeaten with 16 points to reach the 2017 FMF World Cup. In the finals, the team won their group with ten points, ahead of Vyktory on goal difference, to advance to the quarter-finals, where they beat Jingdao 3–0. After heavily losing their semi-final 4–0 to eventual champions Tellia, they beat Mercury 4–2 to finish third. Alexandria left Micras soon afterwards after being declared dead.

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Alexandria used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

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