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Stormark national football team

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Stormark Stormark
Logo of the Stormark national football team
Nickname(s) Storish Dynamite
The Ballbusting Beserkers
The Ravishing Rude Runners
Association SBU
FMF member 2007–20
Confederation AEFA
Home stadium Haraldsborgs Idrætsvøllur
FMF code STO
First FMF intermicronational
Leon and Venezia Leon and Venezia 4–0 Stormark Stormark
Biggest win
Stormark Stormark 10–0 Lucerne Lucerne
Biggest defeat
Flanders Flanders 5–0 Stormark Stormark
FMF World Cup
Appearances 3 (first in 2008)
Best result Quarter-finals
Copa Apollonia
Appearances 4 (first in 2012)
Best result Runners-up

The Stormark national football team was the football team which represented the micronation of Stormark. It was a member of the AEFA and was run by the SBU.


The team was founded in 2007 after Stormark was granted FMF membership after existing on Micras since before the organisation's founding. Later on the year, the team competed in their first qualifiers for the FMF World Cup, losing 6–0 to Leon and Venezia on aggregate in the first AEFA round.

Stormark's fortunes improved the following year, with the team successfully qualifying from their group without losing a match. In the finals, however, the team finished bottom of their group without gaining a point.

In 2009's qualifiers, the team finished third in their five-team group, finishing behind Novatainia and missing-out on a place in the play-offs by one point.

The following year, the team gained the eligibility of a number of Hurmudanic players after Hurmu left Micras. With the addition of these players in the team, Stormark successfully topped their five-team qualifying group with an unbeaten record. In the World Cup, the team managed to advance from a tough group, beating holders Alexandria 2–0 in the process, before being beaten by Toketi in the quarter-finals.

In 2011, the team had a relatively successful qualifying campaign, finishing second in their group and missing-out on qualification on goal difference to Antica, who advanced to their first World Cup finals appearance by topping the group.

The team improved in 2012's qualifiers, topping their group with twelve points, ahead of Safiria, to qualify for the finals and the first Copa Apollonia. In the World Cup, the team finished bottom of their group after losing all three of their matches, before finishing second in their Copa Apollonia group with three points later in the year.

In the 2013 qualifiers, Stormark guaranteed their appearance in the second Copa Apollonia by finishing second in their five-team group with 21 points, but missed-out on the World Cup on goal difference to Novatainia. In the Copa Apollonia, the team could only draw two of their matches as they finished bottom of their group with two points.

The team's fortunes lessened the following year, as they could only finish third in their qualifying group and failed to reach any finals tournaments. However, in early 2014, Stormark became a founding association of the Triple Crown Championship and competed in the inaugural tournament later in the year, where they finished third with a sole point.

In the 2015 qualifiers, Stormark finished second in their five-team group with 15 points.

The 2016 Copa Apollonia qualification rounds saw the team lose just once to top their five-team group with 21 points and advance to the finals. In the Copa Apollonia, the team finished third in their group with three points and failed to advance.

A disappointing 2017 FMF World Cup qualification campaign saw Stormark finish third in their four-team group with seven points.

The team competed in the 2018 Copa Apollonia qualification rounds, where they finished second in their six-team group with twenty points to advance to the play-offs, where they beat Krasnarus on away goals after a 2–2 aggregate draw to qualify for the finals. At the Copa Apollonia, the team performed well and topped their four-team group unbeaten with seven points before overcoming Lamantia 2–1 after extra time in the semi-finals, but lost 1–0 to Senya in the final to finish as runners-up.

The team were less fortunate in the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, as they finished second in their five-team group with 17 points, despite only losing once, and failed to advance.

In the following year's Copa Apollonia qualifiers, the team finished third in their six-team group with 17 points. Stormark left the FMF in mid-2020 following its expulsion from Micras.

Chronological competitive participation


Player traditions

  • When playing for the national football team, Storish players always wore light blue shoestrings, as light blue is one of the Storish national colours;
  • During international matches the players of the Storish national football team wore the favour of the Lady they shared their lives with, usually a ribbon, around their right wrist. The aforementioned Ladies tied the said ribbons around the players' right wrists just before kick-off;
  • In the event that Stormark should have won the Triple Crown Tournament, the players of the Storish national football team may have selected one random woman from the audience to crown her the Queen of Love and Beauty with a wreath of flowers made of the national flowers of Stormark;
  • Stormark still adhered to the practice of awarding a cap (an item of headgear) to every player in an international match of association football. The item of headgear which was given was usually a horned or winged helmet.



Stormark used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2007–11 2011 2011–20