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The Stormarksturneringen
Logo Stormarksturneringen.png
Tournament Information
Countries Stormark Stormark
Confederation AEFA AEFA
Founded 2014
First Season 2014
Number of Teams 32
Domestic Cup(s) High King's Cup
Super Cup(s) Fulltrui Shield
International Cup(s) AEFA Champions' League
Tournament Records
Most Titles 0
Most Goals 0
Highest Transfer Fee RKr 0.00
Games won in a row 0
Games lost in a row 0
Games played 0
Richest Club TBC
Highest Score 0 - 0
Biggest Win 0 - 0
Biggest Defeat 0 - 0
Current Champions
First Season
Soccerball current event.png 2014 The Stormarksturneringen

The Stormarksturneringen is an annual tournament which is held at the end of the Storish football season in which the champions of the 26 Jarldom Football Associations and the 6 runners-up of the largest Jarldom Football Associations determine the Champion of All-Stormark. The tournament was established in January 2014 and is run by the Storsk Boldspil-Union.

High Queen Hervör Trophy

The High Queen Hervör Trophy is the Championship Trophy of the Stormarksturneringen. It is named after High Queen Hervör the Einherja, the First Lady Wife Mortal of the High King of Stormark, who fell in the Battle of Myrkviðr, while defending Heartland Isle from the Harkalegar, an invading cannibalistic barbarian horde.

The 2014 season will see the first club in history lift the High Queen Hervör Trophy as Champions of All-Stormark.


Competition format

This Year's Participants

AEFA Code Team City Jarldom Established
TBC Bjarkøy BK Bjarkøy Hålogarike 2005
TBC Blue Boys Differance Haithabu Eidsivarike 2005
TBC Bohemians Tromsø Tromsø Hålogarike 2005
TBC Celtic Inverness Inverness Suðreyjar 2005
TBC Dexy's Midday Runners Köpingsvik Borgarrike 2005
TBC Evening Oilers Rósby Rose Cape 2005
TBC Haraldsborg Cool Cats F.C. Haraldsborg Gularike 2005
TBC Hearts of the Heartland Haraldsborg Gularike 2005
TBC Hedeby Rockers Haithabu Eidsivarike 2005
TBC Henningsvær Hotspur Henningsvær Mysterious Isles 2005
TBC Hibernians Tara Sólareyjar 2005
TBC Jerks & Jesters Köpingsvik Borgarrike 2005
TBC Jeunesse d'Iduna Iduna Idunn Isles 2005
TBC Kvæfjord IF Kvæfjord Vaan Aujoen 2005
TBC Lynnette Freyushavn Freyja's Necklace 2005
TBC Nostalgia Athletic Aldeigjuborg High Queen Asa Isles 2005
TBC Queen's Blood Wanderers Queenspyre and Memorial Royal High Queen Hervör Isle 2005
TBC Queen's Hall Rangers Fensalir Frigga Island 2005
TBC Queen of the South Tintagel Sólareyjar 2005
TBC Racing Quimper Quimper Normandie 2005
TBC Seven Sisters Sweet Vicky Longships Islands 2005
TBC Sound of the Chaingang F.C. Vardhaldsby Old Gaol Isle 2005
TBC Stabæk BK Gudrunshalda Lady Gudrun Isle 2005
TBC Straumsfjordur IL Straumsfjordur Vinland 2005
TBC The Sentries N/A Old Sea Fortress 2005
TBC Thetford North End Thetford Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations 2005
TBC Thorfinnsborg Trailblazers Thorfinnsborg Frostarike 2005
TBC UAI Wanderers Irenic City Haldarsvik 2005
TBC Víkingur Reykjavík Reykjavík Snæland 2005
TBC Vinberby Athletic Vinberby Arbor Isles 2005
TBC Vliarden SK Thorfinnsborg Frostarike 2005
TBC Wailing Bumble Bees Humlebæk Humlebæk Island 2005

a: Inaugural participant of the Stormarksturneringen
b: Club has previously played in another League



Champions also won the High King's Cup
Champions also won the Fulltrui Shield
Champions also won both trophies

Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2014 Inaugural Season Inaugural Season Inaugural Season