Elriskógur Imperial Institute of Sports Science

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The Elriskógur Imperial Institute of Sports Science, commonly known as Elriskógur, is Stormark's National Football Development Centre. It is situated on a 1300-acre (526 ha) site deep in the Fairhair Forest in the Jarldom of Gularike and is owned and operated by the SBU. The purpose of the centre is to be the base for all coaching and development work undertaken by the SBU, and the training and preparation ground for all of the Storish national football teams. Elriskógur was developed and inspired to enable Stormark to achieve greater success on the international stage.


In 2010, Storsk Boldspil-Union Chairman and longtime official Archibald MacLeod desired and subsequently ordered the creation of a national centre of football. The project was led by Lady Ingibjörg de Béthune of the House of Ydermure, who had drawn inspiration and ideas from several visits to foreign training centres. One year later, the SBU selected Elriskógur as the site of the center. Construction of the centre commenced in 2011 and lasted nearly three years. The centre opened its doors in January 2014.


Set in the Fairhair Forest, in 1300 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland, the Elriskógur Imperial Institute of Sports Science is an immense football centre. It is the training base for the Storish national football teams and includes a full-sized indoor third generation football pitch equipped with a viewing gallery for up to 1000 people, a multipurpose indoor sports hall, 13 full size outdoor pitches and one elite training pitch which is an exact replica of Haraldsborgs Idrætsvøllur.

SBU Learning

The Institute is also the home of SBU Learning, the educational department of the Storsk Boldspil-Union. Through the delivery of national coach education courses, Elriskógur will provide a platform for the communication of the Framtíðspil philosophy, which outlines a vision for the development of Storish football.

Aki Mäenpää Research

Elriskógur is also the home of Aki Mäenpää Research, the R&D department of the SBU, which is named after the Storish national football team's topscorer at the 2010 FMF World Cup in which Stormark reached the quarter-finals, to the present day its best result ever.

The several R&D teams of Aki Mäenpää Research provide technical assistance to the SBU and Jarldom FAs, amongst others in the form of research, curriculum development, training, and monitoring and evaluation to create, in the whole of Stormark, conditions advantageous to the development of technically excellent football players.

Medical Facilities

At Elriskógur players, coaches and guests have the opportunity to access the very best medical and sports science facilities on site through the institute's renowned sports medicine, rehabilitation and performance centre. It boasts 52,000 square feet of cutting-edge technology with elite medical expertise, creating the most advanced sports medicine, rehabilitation, performance science and training centre in Stormark.

Youth Development

The best young football players from all over Stormark stay at Elriskógur from 13 to 15 for training and development of their technical skills. Most of the players that attend here are often already being tracked by established Storish clubs and are expected to go on to have very successful careers.

Youth development trainers and coaches at Elriskógur incorporate many principles on football with their students, such as:

  • Making the player's movements faster and better
  • Linking movements efficiently and wisely
  • Using the weaker foot
  • Weaknesses in the player's game
  • Psychological factors (sports personality tests)
  • Medical factors
  • Physical tests
  • Technical skills
  • Skill training (juggling the ball, running with the ball, dribbling, kicking, passing and ball control)
  • Football tactics and skills (to help the ball carrier, to get the ball back, to offer support, to pass the ball and follow the pass, positioning and the movement into space)