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KENSE-Z logo
Full name Kensenetoles-sa'er Egretția Zóutbawes
Established 2014
Location Mariaville, Sängeran, Gerenia

The KENSE-Z (Kensenetoles-sa'er Egretția Zóutbawes, English: National Centre for the Development of Football) is the National Football Centre of Gerenia, located at Mariaville, Sängeran Province.


There are a number of football centres throughout Gerenia, of two different types: the "regional" centres (created and maintained by the SZG), and the "local" centres (the ones of the Gerenian clubs).

The KENSE-Z was originally meant to function as a training base for female players, as part of the projected creation of a women's national football team. By reason of this the Centre was built in Mariaville, since a female name is contained in the city name.

In early 2013, it was decided that the Centre would be open for both male and female footballers, and that the national centres would function as "filters", to send their best players to the KENSE-Z.

The KENSE-Z was officially inaugurated on 11 July 2014, as part of the celebration for Gerenia's Foundation Day (8 July), with the first tryouts being held the following week.


The KENSE-Z has eight football pitches, one full-sized indoor court, and two gymnasiums. It also has a three-building residential complex: one for women, one for men, and one for coaches, medical personnel, and other employees (although most of them live in the city of Mariaville).

Inside the Centre there is a hospital for use of the residents.


Applicants are selected in the regional and the local football centres, and categorized by year of birth. The minimum age allowed is 15, though exceptions might be made for fourteen-year-old applicants.

After a six-day tryout period, 22 young players are chosen per category (there are five categories).

Due to the incipient development of women's football in the country, the application process for ladies is less strict than the process for boys.

During their stay at the KENSE-Z, the residents must attend Nº 14 Secondary School, located at the north of Mariaville, 4 km away from the Centre.

According to Gerenian laws, a person can sign up for a club once turned the age of 17 (and as long he or she had finished secondary studies), and leave the KENSE-Z.