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Gerenia Gerenian Football Association
Logo of the SZG
Founded 12 December 2011
Headquarters Port Isherwood
FMF affiliation 2012–13, 2013–18
AEFA affiliation 2012–13, 2013–18
Website SZG

The SZG (Gerenian: Strazal Zóutbawes Gherenslenes, English: Gerenian Football Association) was the governing body for association football and futsal in Gerenia.

The SZG was responsible for the management of the professional and semi-professional Gerenian football leagues and the cup competitions, as well as the organisation of the national team. Secondly, it also organised the amateur leagues for women, children, youth, and other local leagues.

The SZG was a member of AEFA, and its last President was Edgar Santamarina.


The Micran branch of the SZG was founded in July, 2012, after the Gerenian claim in Micras was successful. Arien Karaly was appointed President of the Association. Following its creation, a league was rapidly organized, with its inaugural season beginning in August. In September, a second tier was created, along with a club cup.

The expansion of the Association's activities continued as two more football league weres founded, as well as a province level cup.

In early 2013, the Association took charge of the organisation of a national futsal team. Soon afterwards, Karaly was replaced with Edgar Santamarina, the former manager of the national futsal team.


The SZG was responsible for the organisation of the following competitions:

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