Gerenia national futsal team

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Gerenia Gerenia
SZZh logo.png
Nickname(s) Sailromes (The Blue and White)
Association SZG
MFF member 2013–
Head coach Eliel Sahadîn
Captain Mikel Sarmaga
Top scorer Rafael Barzana
Gabriel Romano (3)
Home stadium Garlan Indoor Arena
MFF code GRN
Gerenia futsal kit.png
First MFF intermicronational
Gerenia Gerenia 4–3 Safiria Safiria
Biggest win
Gerenia Gerenia 4–0 Calbion Calbion
Biggest defeat
Gerenia Gerenia 2–5 North Antarctica North Antarctica
MFF World Cup
Appearances 1 (First in 2013)
Best result 5th place

The Gerenia national futsal team represents Gerenia during international futsal competitions. It is under the direction of the SZG through one of its branches, the Directorate of National Teams. The team's manager is Eliel Sahadîn.


The team was founded by the SZG in February 2013 to apply for the first MFF World Cup. Gerenia was the last nation to submit an application to the competition, though the Association stated that Gerenia would not join the MFF as a full member in the immediate future.

Gerenia competed in the 2013 MFF World Cup, held in North Antarctica. The team finished second in their group, behind the hosts, and failed to qualify for the semi-finals.

After the World Cup, Gerenia changed their status in the MFF from associate to full member.

In June 2013, due to Edgar Santamarina assuming the presidency of the Gerenian Football Association, his post as manager of the team was taken by Eliel Sahadîn.

Chronological competitive participation


The following players have been called up for the 2013 MFF World Cup.

  • Head Coach: Gerenia Edgar Santamarina
No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Denis Ivarlač 22 Unattached
2 3DF Härman Rakanta 23 Unattached
3 3DF Áliks Kassim 24 Unattached
4 3DF Mikel Sarmaga 20 Unattached
5 5MF Rafael Barzana 21 Unattached
6 5MF John Korau 21 Unattached
7 5MF Pedro Cari 26 Unattached
8 5MF Paul Fernández 18 Unattached
9 7FW Gabriel Romano 23 Unattached
10 7FW Mikel Friĵ 22 Unattached
11 7FW Mark Raldávis 20 Unattached
12 1GK Gustav Herraiz 21 Unattached

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