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The Gerenian League 1 Award (commonly referred to as the L1 Award) is an award given by the Gerenian Football Association for the best players, managers and referees of the Gerenian League 1 in every calendar year (instead of every season).

The gala ceremony takes place at the conference hall of the Gerenia Stadium, in Balnida, Erstveda.





In 2014, it was added the category Best Newcomer.



The category Fair Play was added in 2016.

A new distinction was created, the "Silver Armband", to be awarded to all players who reached 100 appearances in the League 1. The first Silver Armband was given to Igar Kosko for becoming the first player in the league's history to reach 100 appearances, on 10 September 2016.


By club

Club Awards
Isherwood 28
Ramez White Stars 25
International 15
Bazree Mäeklenes 10
Clementsgrad 9
Gerze 2
21 de Agosto 1
Santamarina 1