Aspirants' Cup

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Aspirants' Cup
Countries Gerenia Gerenia
Founded 2014
Disbanded 2018
Number of teams 185 (2018)
Last champions SP Kristal
Most titles KZ Resuy
Defenders Nuevawildes
SP Kristal (1)
2018 Aspirants' Cup

The Aspirants' Cup (Gerenian: Zaresilesttöres) was an annual football competition for teams playing in levels 4–6 of the Gerenian league system. The Cup began in January, and ended in May, when the Final match took place.


Until 2014, the SZG (Gerenian Football Association) ran competitions for the three top tiers of Gerenian football only, and gave the rest of the teams in the country limited support. As a result, and added to the little amount of matches played at provincial level, and none of the players being professional, the lowest tiers suffered from lack of competitiveness.

In late 2014, the SZG created the Aspirants' Cup (and supports several local cup competitions) in order to give the smaller clubs more opportunities to develop.

The first edition of the Aspirants' Cup was disputed in 2015. It featured 64 clubs from the 4th and 5th levels of the Gerenian football pyramid.


From 2017, the winners of the Aspirants' Cup earnt a place for the Gerenian National Cup, which was contested during the second half of the year.


Year Winners Score Runners-up
2015 Adarma República FC 3–21 Erstveda Almafuerte FC
2016 Not held
2017 Erstveda Defenders Nuevawildes 1–0 Clements KK Nevaya
2018 West SP Kristal 2–1 Ramez Argonauts Sanmartínes

1The final consisted on two games; the aggregate score is shown.