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Gerenian National Cup

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Gerenian National Cup
Countries Gerenia Gerenia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
Disbanded 2018
Number of teams 32
Last champions KZ Clementsgrad
Most titles KP International
Ramez White Stars (2)
Website [1]
2018 Gerenian National Cup

The Gerenian National Cup (Gerenian: Zarenetoles Gherenies) was the premier football cup competition in Gerenia, run by the Gerenian Football Association. The cup involved all professional teams in Gerenia. The cup took place by the second semester of each year, with the final being the final fixture of the Gerenian football year.


The idea for a National Cup existed in the Gerenian Football Association for several months before a first edition could be arranged. In October 2012, the Association announced the creation of the competition, to be contested by the 16 professional teams in existence at that time.

The first National Cup, won by Isherwood CSSC, was a two-legged knock-out tournament.

With the expansion of the Gerenian football league system, the number of competing teams increased to 32, and an initial group stage was added. However, the knock-out format was readopted in 2016.

In 2017, a preliminary round was added.


Year Winners Score Runners-up Third place
2012 Isherwood CSSC 4–11 KZK Gentóul Clementsgrad United
2013 International SC 1–0 Tawlkar Astros Science & Labour
2014 Ramez City White Stars 2–0 International SC Isherwood CSSC
2015 Ramez White Stars 1–0 KP International KPL Tawlkares
2016 KP International 0–0
(6–5 p.s.o.)
KZ Santamarina KZ Bareki Victories
2017 KZ Clementsgrad 2–2
(4–3 p.s.o.)
KPSK Isherwood Ramez White Stars

1 Two-legged final, aggregate score was 4–1.

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