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KP International
International SC.png
Full name Kloz Padates "International"
Nickname(s) The Millionaires
Founded July 2012
Dissolved 2019
Ground International Sports Centre
(capacity: 37,000)
Head Coach Gerenia Vilem Žözers
League Gerenian League 1
2015–16 2nd
International SC kits.png

KP International was a Gerenian football club founded in mid-2012. Based on Port Elerat, played their home matches at the International Sports Centre.

International and traditional rivals KPSK Isherwood played the Isherwood derby.


International was founded in July 2012, and applied for membership in the Gerenian Football Association. Once it was granted, the team was able to compete in the inaugural season of the Gerenian League 1. International finished third in the First Championship. In parallel, the team took part in the 2012–13 Gerenian AEFA Champions' League qualification tournament, eventually reaching semi-finals, where they were defeated by Ramez City White Stars in extra time.

Later that year, International disputed the first National Cup ever. The team was eliminated in the semi-finals by Isherwood CSSC by penalty shoot-out, since the away goals rule does not apply for Gerenian domestic competitions.

The following year, International managed to win the National Cup, defeating Isherwood CSSC in the process. Their success continued as the club managed to win the inaugural Champions' Cup.

During the 2014–15 season, International later went runners-up of the Gerenian League 1, the Gerenian National Cup, and the Champions' Cup. In all three occasions, they lost the final matches to Ramez City White Stars.

In the 2015–16 season, International won their second Champions' Cup, and reached the final matches of the AEFA Champions' League (where they lost to Senyan club Jogasim Revolution FC, and of the League 1, where they lost again to Ramez White Stars.


Final 2019 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Andres Kusto
2 Gerenia DF Abram Alie
3 Gerenia DF Liver Ŷinet
4 Gerenia DF Jan Berat
5 Gerenia MF Vilem Äner
6 Gerenia MF Harold Nädman (c)
7 Gerenia MF Valentîn Igada
8 Gerenia MF Vadim Jaare
10 Gerenia FW Peder Segara
11 Gerenia FW Iósif Kaltany
12 Gerenia GK Marian Karaz
13 Gerenia MF Soler Feirat
14 Gerenia FW Indrek Manrahe
No. Position Player
15 Gerenia MF Aleksander Krais
16 Gerenia MF Arien Vatsk
17 Gerenia FW Konstantîn Saitarade
18 Gerenia FW Hays Rasev
19 Gerenia DF Ion Font
20 Shireroth DF Kielan Tarroan
21 Gerenia MF Marian Seprat
22 Gerenia FW Olivier Biérins
23 Gerenia DF Pavel Berran
24 Gerenia DF Erien Maréere
25 Gerenia DF Isánder Aris
26 Gerenia GK Raymonds Nakarad

Notable former players