2016 Champions' Cup

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2016 Champions' Cup
International won 6–5 on penalties
Date 21 May 2016
Venue Gerenia Stadium, Balnida
Referee Leon Siret-Bradis
Attendance 58,740

The 2016 Champions' Cup was the third Champions' Cup, played on 21 May 2016 at the just built Gerenia Stadium. The match was contested by the Ramez White Stars, champions of the 2015–16 Gerenian League 1 and the 2015 Gerenian National Cup, and KP International, runners-up of both competitions.

International beat the White Stars 6–5 on penalties to claim their second Champions' Cup title when the match finished 2–2 after extra time. It was the first Champions' Cup to be decided on penalties.


2016 Champions' Cup
21 May 2016
Ramez White Stars 2 – 2
KP International
Balbîn Goal 73'
Zivere Goal 75'
Noya Goal 38'
Segara Goal 63'
Gerenia Stadium, Balnida, Erstveda
Attendance: 58,740
Referee: Gerenia Leon Siret-Bradis
Oldham Scored
Balbîn Scored
Desulovič Scored
O. Tursy Scored
P. Kláver Scored
Zivere Missed
5 – 6 Scored Kaltany
Scored Nädman
Scored Igada
Scored Noya
Scored Söters
Scored Kosko
Rws away kit 2016.png Int home kit 2016.png
GK 1 Sergiu Kerya
DF 6 Martîn Koira
DF 2 Jorg Dayan
DF 3 Frank Rusov
DF 15 Gebreel Siroge Substituted off in the 70th minute 70'
MF 8 Osvald Tursy
MF 5 Zorau Pánchaster (c) Substituted off in the 63rd minute 63'
MF 7 Bastian Turzan Substituted off in the 70th minute 70'
MF 10 Frederik Desulovič Booked 107'
FW 11 Fabris Balbîn
FW 9 Eric Oldham
GK 14 Ramon Alvar
DF 27 Aleksander Garem Substituted on in the 70th minute 70'
MF 12 Ned Tursy
MF 18 Patriss Kláver Substituted on in the 70th minute 70'
MF 21 Vernon Cristaldo
FW 23 Adrian Zivere Substituted on in the 63rd minute 63'
FW 25 Imre Dameanóvița
Aleksander Märoy
Champions Cup 2016.png
GK 1 Andres Kusto
DF 23 Pavel Berran Substituted off in the 84th minute 84'
DF 2 Abram Alie
DF 15 Jan Korau Booked 74'
DF 13 Anzar Zilítis
MF 12 Ábelder Noya
MF 6 Harold Nädman (c)
MF 24 Valentîn Igada
MF 28 Aleksander Krais Substituted off in the 62nd minute 62'
FW 10 Peder Segara Substituted off in the 62nd minute 62'
FW 9 Igar Kosko Booked 112'
GK 26 Raymonds Nakarad
DF 4 Damian Gazda
DF 16 Karl Stösel Substituted on in the 84th minute 84'
MF 7 Patriss Söters Substituted on in the 62nd minute 62'
MF 14 Timotey Krüsi
MF 5 Vilem Äner
FW 22 Iósif Kaltany Substituted on in the 62nd minute 62'
Vilem Žözers

Man of the Match:
Harold Nädman (INT)

Assistant referees:
Siviu Adegar
Marîn Develat
Fourth official:
Rikard Dímers

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Seven named substitutes.
  • Maximum of four substitutions.

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