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Gerenian League 1

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Gerenian League 1
Countries Gerenia Gerenia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
First season 2012–13
Disbanded 2018
Number of teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Gerenian League 2
League cup(s) Gerenian National Cup
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League
Last champions KPSK Isherwood
Most championships KPSK Isherwood
Ramez White Stars (3)
Website [1]
2017–18 Gerenian League 1

The Gerenian League 1 (Gerenian: Leran Gherenies 1es) was the top tier football league in Gerenia. Established soon after the inclusion of the nation in Micras, it consisted of ten teams playing two tournaments per season.


The League 1 was created in July 2012, and the first season was rapidly organised. The six clubs that founded the League started competing in August of that year. Due to the quick increase in football clubs that began gaining SZG membership, the League was expanded at mid-season from 6 to 8 teams. The first season was won by Isherwood CSSC, as they defeated Mayfield Bazree in the Season Final.

The Isherwood CSSC hegemony continued for one more season, with the team obtaining the 2013–14 title after winning both the First and the Second Championships, thus without the need of a final game.

However, the Isherwood hegemony was replaced with one of Ramez White Stars the following season. The White Stars conquered the 2014–15 and the 2015–16 season defeating KP International in both finals.

The League was expanded for a second time at the end of the 2015–16 season, this time to 10 teams. It was disbanded in 2018 upon the death of Gerenia.


The regular season consisted of two tournaments, named "Republic Tournament" and "Alliance Tournament", formerly First and Second Championship, respectively. Each of the tournaments was conducted under the round-robin system, with each team playing the others twice. The Republic Tournament was played from August to December, and the Alliance Tournament was played from January to May.

The winners of each tournament played the Season Final to determine the best team of the entire season. If a single club obtained both Championships, the title of Season Winners was automatically granted to it.


At the end of the season, the points obtained by each team in both tournaments were added up to form the Season Table. The worst positioned team was relegated to the Gerenian League 2, while the team finishing ninth played a Promotion/Relegation two-legged play-off (usually called Promotion Match) against the second best side of the League 2.

In the 2012–13 season, since the league was expanded at mid-season, the team that was relegated and the one that qualified for the Promotion/Relegation play-off were determined on a season points average basis.


The contestants for the cancelled 2018–19 season were the following:


Season Winners Runners-up Third place
2012–13 Isherwood Mayfield Bazree Clementsgrad
2013–14 Isherwood Ramez White Stars International
2014–15 Ramez White Stars International Isherwood
2015–16 Ramez White Stars International Isherwood
2016–17 Ramez White Stars International Isherwood
2017–18 Isherwood Ramez White Stars Bazree Mäeklenes