KZD Elerat Kad

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KZD Elerat Kad
Elerat Kad logo.png
Full name Kloz Zóutbawes Deskerekes "Elerat Kad"
Founded 2012
Dissolved 2018
Ground Basil Nedarea Field
(capacity: 8,150)
President Basil Nedarea
Head coach Roman Vidare
League Gerenian League 1

KZD Elerat Kad was a Gerenian football club based in Port Elerat, which competed in Gerenian League 2.


Elerat Kad was founded in late 2012 as City of Isherwood FC. Its President (Chairman) Basil Nedarea, being close to some SZG Executives, help creating the Gerenian League 3. The team competed in League 3's first season, and won promotion to the Gerenian League 2.

City of Isherwood made a great campaign in the League 2, as they won the League title, and was automatically promoted to the Gerenian League 1, where the team will play the 2014–15 season. During the last weeks of the tournament, the club's authorities (especially Nedarea) had to face the accusations of bribery made by other League 2 representatives. After a three-month investigation carried out by the Gerenian FA, Nedarea was found non guilty of the charges against him, and City of Isherwood kept their latest title.

The club changed its name for the current one in July 2015.


Final 2018 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Kender Larat
2 Gerenia DF Jan Lade
3 Gerenia DF Marțîn Bogau
4 Gerenia DF Darzáun Ribe
5 Gerenia MF Basil Salman
6 Gerenia MF Ferant Kukere
7 Gerenia MF Sebastian Kessel
8 Gerenia MF Bastian Bäner
9 Gerenia FW Mikkel Desarge
10 Gerenia FW Ianer Selîn
11 Gerenia FW Holms Rizada (c)
12 Gerenia GK Viktor Väls
No. Position Player
13 Gerenia DF Gebreel Keln
14 Gerenia DF Mateus Desvala
15 Gerenia DF Ivo Burau
16 Gerenia MF Milen Irraf
17 Gerenia MF Eliel Dorave
18 Gerenia MF Matey Karann
19 Gerenia MF Härman Zalat
20 Gerenia FW Ignas Kastels
21 Gerenia FW Karl Nissel
22 Gerenia GK Damian Silay
23 Gerenia FW Teodor Väls