Gerenian League 3

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Gerenian League 3
Countries Gerenia Gerenia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
First season 2013
Disbanded 2018
Divisions 2
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 3
Promotion to Gerenian League 2
Relegation to Gerenian Provincial Leagues
League cup(s) Gerenian National Cup
Last champions KZK Gentóul
Website [1]
2017–18 Gerenian League 3

The Gerenian League 3 (Gerenian: Leran Gherenies 3es) was the third highest football league in Gerenia. It consisted on 12 teams, divided geographically into two Conferences (Northern and Southern, formerly Mayfield and New Adarma divisions).


During the regular season, teams played only other teams in their own Conference. In a round, each opponent was played twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 10 matches. Games were scheduled such that in the first 5 matches, every opponent was played once. In the following 5 matches, the same opponents were played in the same order with the only difference being that the venue changed.

From the 2013–14 season until its demise, the regular season had two rounds.

Promotion and relegation

After the regular season, the winners of each Conference played the Season Final, with the winner being automatically promoted to the Gerenian League 2, and the loser qualifying for a promotion-relegation play-off against the team finishing ninth in the League 2.

Relegation depended on the League 2 teams being relegated, since there must have always been six clubs in each Conference.


Season Winners Runners-up
2013 City of Isherwood FC Gerze Power FC
2013–14 Kadine Vanst FC Santamarina FC
2014–15 KZ Uzenaie Mergeaze'es KZ Samarne
2015–16 KZK Taizun Optimistid Dínamo Tawlkar
2016–17 KZ Arsenal Sekiral Erstvedes
2017–18 KZK Gentóul KP Čirona

Current teams

The following teams disputed the League 3 for the final 2017–18 season:

Northern Conference

Southern Conference