Dínamo Tawlkar Zóutbau (men)

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Dínamo Tawlkar Zóutbau
Dínamo Tawlkar Zóutbau.png
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2018
Ground Padatlen Dínames
League Gerenian League 3
2015–16 2nd
Dínamo Tawlkar kit.png
This article is about the men's football club. For the women's club, see Dínamo Tawlkar Zóutbau (women)

Dínamo Tawlkar Zóutbau was a Gerenian football club based in the city of Tawlkar, which competed in the Gerenian League 2.


The club was formed in 2013 as the men's football branch of the multi-sport society "Dínamo Tawlkar". The team was soon promoted from the Adarma League to the Gerenian League 3. In the 2015–16 season, the team was promoted to the Gerenian League 2 after reaching the season final, where they lost to KZK Taizun Optimistid.


Final 2018 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Karl Keran (c)
2 Gerenia DF Julian Gavare
3 Gerenia DF Viktor Ramis
4 Gerenia DF Marîn Gäler
5 Gerenia MF Vilem Kotaran
6 Gerenia DF Ion Komare
7 Gerenia MF Ferran Varal
8 Gerenia MF Peder Laveč
9 Gerenia FW Härman Küsere
10 Gerenia MF Danjel Ladveda
11 Gerenia FW Eial Starave
12 Gerenia GK Ignas Kérsik
No. Position Player
13 Gerenia DF Imanuel Hervera
14 Gerenia MF Ärige Ŷarre
15 Gerenia DF Jan Falava
16 Gerenia MF Arien Lesakat
17 Gerenia FW Éder Liävis
18 Gerenia MF Hevden Ratau
19 Gerenia FW Gaston Belaže
20 Gerenia MF Ádolz Aribis
21 Gerenia FW Barís Horea
22 Gerenia GK Gustav Lines
23 Gerenia FW Ánghel Rovelau
24 Gerenia DF Bastian Čadere