Gerenian Provincial Leagues

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Gerenian Provincial Leagues
Countries Gerenia Gerenia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
2015 (East Gerenia)
2016 (Samarne)
Disbanded 2018
Divisions 3 for each league
Number of teams 185 (2017)
Levels on pyramid 4–6
Promotion to Gerenian League 3
Relegation to Gerenian Regional Leagues
League cup(s) Aspirants' Cup

The Gerenian Provincial Leagues were a group of association football leagues in Gerenia that formed the tiers 4–6 of the Gerenian football league system, below the Gerenian League 3.


During late 2012, seven football leagues were founded in Gerenia for the eight provinces that existed at that time. Adarma, Barzat, Clements, East Gerenia, Erstveda, Maremedres, and Ramez had their own leagues, while Sängeran and West formed a single league, the Sängeran-West League.

With the rapid growth in number of Gerenian football clubs, the leagues founded new divisions. Today, each provincial league has three divisions, with the exception of East Gerenia, that has only one division. The East Gerenia League, founded in 2015, was always considered a provincial league, although East Gerenia was not a province until 2017.

In 2016, following the foundation of Trans-Samarne, a league for this province was founded. However, due to its small size, it was merged with the Adarma League to form the Samarne League.

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