Gerenian Provincial Leagues' Championship

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The Gerenian Provincial Leagues' Championship is a football competition contested by the winners of the Gerenian Provincial Leagues. The competition awards promotion for the Gerenian League 3.


The Provincial Leagues' Championship was created in 2012 to link the seven original provincial leagues with the Gerenian League 3. The first edition of the tournament was contested in 2013. Between 2015 and 2016, with the reorganisation of the football leagues of the country (which included the creation of both the Samarne League and the East Gerenia League), the format was altered.

The teams that fail to be promoted spend the following season in the Division 1 of their respective Provincial Leagues, or continue to play in the East Gerenia League.

Until 2016, the teams that reached the semi-finals also qualified for the following Gerenian National Cup. Since 2017, the two finalists and the winners of the third-place play-off will qualify for the National Cup.

Old format

The seven winners of each provincial league qualified for the Championship. The competition had three titles, namely: the Championship title proper, the "Mayfield Cup" and the "New Adarma Cup".

The winners of the leagues of Barzat, Clements, Erstveda, Maremedres, and Ramez, participated in the Mayfield Cup. The winners of the leagues of Adarma and Sängeran-West participated in the New Adarma Cup.

The team with the best point average of their League was given a bye to the semi-finals. The other six teams were paired in three play-offs, with the winners advancing to the semi-final. All the stages of the Championship were two-legged play-offs. The teams that won the Final obtained the Championship title.

The winners of the Mayfield Cup and the New Adarma Cup were decided by the final position of the teams from each of the regions, and were promoted to the Gerenian League 3.

Current format

The eight winners of each participating league are paired in four play-offs. The winners advance to the semi-finals, and the winners of the semi-final advance to the Final. In 2016, the play-offs consisted of only one match, and due to the League 3 expansion, the teams that reached the semi-finals earned direct promotion.


Old format

Season Championship winners Mayfield Cup winners New Adarma Cup winners
2013 Barzat Kadine Vanst FC Barzat Kadine Vanst FC West MK Árnike
2014 Isherwood Eden FC Isherwood Eden FC Adarma Dínamo Tawlkar
2015 Clements KZS Iele Clements KZS Iele Sängeran Geldar Pilakiles

Current format

Season Winners Score Runners-up
2016 Clements KZ Arsenal 5–0 Barzat Sparemedres
2017 Sängeran KP Celdar 2–1 Erstveda Elektron Victoria
2018 Ramez Netoles 4–2 Barzat KP Tálandor

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