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The Gerenian Women's National Cup (Gerenian: Zarenetoles Elskaies Gherenies​) was a cup competition, exclusively for Gerenian women's football clubs. The competition was open to professional and non-professional women's teams in Gerenia. The inaugural edition of the competition was held in 2015–16.


The Gerenian Women's National Cup was designed in 2014 as an equivalent to the Gerenian National Cup, created in 2012. The competition, organised by the SZG, began in 2015 with 24 entrants: 18 from the First and Second Divisions, and six amateur sides.

The first edition was won by KP International, who beat Dínamo Tawlkar 2–1 in the final.


There were several qualifying rounds, where the clubs of the Gerenian Regional Leagues and the Second Division entered. The "proper" competition started at the Round of 16, where the winners of the qualifying rounds joined the ten clubs of the First Division.


Year Winners Score Runners-up Third place
2015–16 International 2–1 Dínamo Tawlkar Arquitectura
2016–17 Mariaville Nationals 2–0 Arquitectura KZ Arsenal
2017–18 Dínamo Tawlkar 1–0 Arquitectura Mariaville Nationals

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