Champions' Cup

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Champions' Cup
Countries Gerenia
Founded 2014
First season 2014
Disbanded 2018
Number of teams 2
Last champions KPSK Isherwood
Most championships KP International
Ramez White Stars (2)
TV partners Channel 4
2018 Champions' Cup

The Champions' Cup (Gerenian: Zaredebregtörees) was Gerenian football's annual match contested between the champions of the previous League 1 season and the holders of the National Cup. If the League 1 champions also won the National Cup then the league runners-up provided the opposition. A recognised football Super Cup, it was the last fixture of the season.


The idea of a Gerenian Super Cup appeared first in 2013, as several members of the Executive Council of the SZG wanted the nation to hold a competition of such nature (to be called Higher Cup). However, they found much resistence.

Finally, during early 2014, the plan was revived, and the SZG created the Champions' Cup.

The first edition was contested by the biggest Port Elerat clubs: International SC (winners of the 2013 National Cup), and Isherwood CSSC (champions of the 2013–14 Gerenian League 1). The match was also used to inaugurate the Estadio Nacional de San Martín.

The 2015 edition was disputed by Ramez City White Stars, winners of both the 2014–15 Gerenian League 1 and the 2014 Gerenian National Cup, and International, runner-up of the League 1 and also of the National Cup.


Year Winner Score Runner-up Venue
2014 International 2–1 Isherwood Estadio Nacional de San Martín, San Martín
2015 Ramez White Stars 3–1 International Somgertätnetoles, Tawlkar
2016 International 2–2 (a.e.t.)
(6–5 p.s.o.)
Ramez White Stars Gerenia Stadium, Balnida
2017 Ramez White Stars 1–0 International Gerenia Stadium, Balnida
2018 Isherwood 1–0 Clementsgrad Gerenia Stadium, Balnida