Estadio Nacional de San Martín

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Estadio Nacional de San Martín
Location San Martín, Gerenia
Broke ground 2013
Built 2013–2014
Opened July 2014
Expanded August 2014
Owner Municipality of San Martín
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Construction cost GSR 42,000,000
Architect Belattöre-Trom-Stur
Capacity 30,400
Record attendance 30,400 (Gerenia v Senya, 12 November 2014)
Field dimensions 110x70m
San Martín Argonauts

Estadio Nacional de San Martín (English: San Martín National Stadium) is an outdoor venue located in the Gévers neighbourhood of San Martín in Gerenia. The San Martín Argonauts use the facility as their home pitch, as well as the Gerenia national football team for some of their matches.


The stadium was built between 2012 and 2013, and inaugured in 2014 in time for that year's Copa Apollonia, held in Gerenia. The Estadio Nacional was one of the six venues of the tournament. The first official match played at the stadium was Victoria's 2–0 victory over Toketi on 9 July. By the time of the inauguration, the stadium's capacity was 23,000, as the northern stands were not yet ready to be utilised.

Once the Copa Apollonia ended, the northern stands were finished, increasing the capacity to 30,400. San Martín Argonauts of the Ramez League became tenants of the stadium, thus moving from Maltan Field, where they used to play. It was also agreed that during 2015, Ramez City White Stars from nearby Ramez City will play their home matches at San Martín as their stadium (Governor Sheila Toscano Stadium) will be demolished, and a new venue built in the place.


The Estadio Nacional has been host to several major sporting events, such as the 2014 Copa Apollonia, and the 2014 Champions' Cup. The stadium will be host to the 2014 Gerenian National Cup Final, and some games of the national team (friendlies and World Cup qualifiers).

Attendance records

The largest overall attendance at the Estadio Nacional was on 12 November 2014 for a Gerenia game when they hosted Senya in front of 30,400 people. A full stadium is also expected for the 2014 National Cup's Final, scheduled for 10 December.

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